Replace "Join servers for you" permission with "Ask to join servers for you"


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  • Patrick Fritz

    Your suggestion to enhance awareness among users about bot activities and provide a means to report suspicious bots without risking one’s own account is insightful. It’s a proactive approach that balances the need for functionality with security concerns.

    Here are some steps that could be implemented to support your idea:

    Transparency: Implement logging features that inform users of all actions performed by bots, especially those involving sensitive permissions.
    User Education: Provide clear documentation and communication about the potential risks of bots and how to identify malicious behavior.
    Reporting Mechanism: Create an easy-to-use reporting system that allows users to flag bots they suspect of malicious activities without executing any potentially harmful actions.
    Permission Review: Regularly review bot permissions and ensure they only have the minimum required for their function, reducing the scope for abuse.
    Audit Trails: Maintain audit trails for bot actions, so there’s a record that can be reviewed if there’s suspicion of misuse.

    By implementing such measures, you can help create a safer environment where legitimate bots can operate without giving free rein to malicious ones. It’s important to strike a balance that maintains functionality while protecting users. Remember, any changes should be communicated clearly to the user base to ensure they understand the new features and how to use them effectively.


    I hope my suggestion is helpful for you.


    Best Regard,
    Patrick Fritz