Track invite of bots (By Username)


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  • Krishna palatiya


  • Carol Grayson

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  • Cloud

    Here are a few alternatives you might consider:

    • Member Join Events: If your bot is already in the server, using the on_member_join event can give you the username when a new member joins (who accepted the invite).
    • User Lookup (with caution): If you have the user ID from the log, you can try using fetch_user to retrieve the username. However, this might require additional permissions.
  • Heather Anderson

    It sounds like the current method is only successful half of the time, especially with audit logs. I'm looking for a solution to this issue or a recommended approach to ensure consistent functionality. For example, if "Bob" invites my bot, I want to be able to retrieve the username "Bob" linked to the invitation. visit Ehallpass to learn more