Reporting Minors getting bullied and harassed encouraging them to self-harm


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  • hAmzá

    lol showing what i said wont help you lmao, you start harassing me and being racist also pedophile so i self-defense and attack you also your pedophile weirdo creep friends, funny how i just said the words you said after you said them, simply reflecting the bad words to you LOL, because i don't even re-type those words to nice people, only the evil people who harassing bullying children so i show how bad and toxic they are and I'm using their words against them, so they feel what children feel after harassing and bullying them.

  • hAmzá

    False, unsubstantiated claims, the ramblings of a person who tries to harm me, because I support and help minors underage that he harm and let his friends rap* them in the internet.

    I don't insult everyone, he is lying, i will show you how it's start and i was talking normal and they suddenly group up and harassing me, hate speech and many extreme things, and i just tried to self-defense my self so they  can stop and shut up, and support them and go with them, his account keep getting banned after he violated Discord Terms of service and Discord Guidelines, you can see here an email he shared that his account got disabled and now he ban evading and created a new account.

    I don't even blackmail anyone, he say that so i look I'm the bad side, but he is the one who keep harassing and bullying children and others, also he invites his weirdo creep friends to cuss and curse being racist and very bad stuff! because he scared to say that in his main account, he deleted many of his cussing and cursing messages but i reported them to Discord, he also tried to doxing me asking for my sensitive info, this type of discord users must rot in jail and suffer with karma all the time, he is twisting facts and trying to spread lies and slander so its shows he is right but it's the opposite.

    i don't stalk anyone he is lying about that, he does not have any evidences, just the one that i self-defense myself so they get out of me, he is obsessed with me and keep lurking and stalking me also spying when i don't even talk to him, i blocked him and he still pinging me all the time, he is just a weirdo creep mental ill with autism and he should see a psychologist, when i try to help minors and underage children he say “ clown ” because he does not care about minors and he like to harm them also just a pedophile sick person in life, he is jobless and hated by many people, got kicked in many places because of his action that many people dislike and disgust.

    I don't care about him getting me banned from his pedophile toxic and racist server that bully and harass underage girls, i wanted to join so i can report them and help the victims emotionally and do more investigations in that dark place that rap* and many bad stuff happen in it without anyone seeing.

    He does not show the full screenshots and the full story where his friend and him harassing me stalking, spying and said many racist things about me, i will try to include them here.

  • hAmzá

    I will try to show here the full timeline and full story that weirdo pedo stalker wont show here, because he is scared, it shows how i was trying to protect and help children and underage boys/girls who got harassed and bulled in the internet, he even put them in +18 servers like you can see here!

    If you can see the mark # and the warning sign in the channel name “ ❤️ General ❤️ ” it's means it's age restricted.

    Here you can see the full timeline, and the full story how they grouped up one me and spread hatred, negative attitude, verbal abuse, toxicity and hate speech

  • hAmzá

    To be able to see the screenshot in the highest quality you need to open the image in a new tap, or you can download the image by right clicking then “ Save image as ”



    People are against him because he insults everyone all the time.

    And here he is blackmailing me…

    Here he is saying that he calls me that due to my profile picture, and here is said profile picture, you can clearly see it's nonsense, it's a normal anime picture.


    And I think he's projecting, he has an unhealthy obsession and he harasses and stalks me and other people in my server for months now.


    PS: I tried to be nice and professional and respond to his insults with reason and be civil about it, but he has insulted me for 2 months, and blackmailed me in order to unban him, I had to tell him off, he has an obsessives personality, he is a stalker, and he tries to spread lies about me and my members just because he is not getting unbanned, this has gone beyond what a normal person would do.

    Just accept you're banned and move on to another server, no one wants you in our server…


    If it's not clear enough, here are more screenshots of the kind of behavior he has:



    This kind of behavior goes on and on for months, he is insulting everyone.