I got my account back!!!


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  • 2toony98

    My account was hacked on April 21st, so 2 months ago. The response message I get is from the Clive not saying there’s nothing they can do. I keep submitting tickets after the original ones close but I’m getting exhausted.

  • .andre47

    Can you tell what number have your solved ticket? 

    Can you send screenshot how Looks respond?

  • Alan

    They literally haven’t responded to my ticket in over a week, this person named “Nelly” is who my tickets get assigned to but they don’t do anything, they just mark the ticket as solved and don’t even give you a reply even when I’ve given them all the information.

  • Surfing Nun

    My account was hacked yesterday and some supports are saying they can’t help and I’m using this account for the time being but can’t they hurry up? They keep closing the ticket or whatever it’s called 💀