New Profile Display Complaint


10 條評論

  • Catilina

    Seconding this, the new layout also makes server moderation more difficult - we use roles to distinguish between users and being able to see them at a glance. Now, pulling up a user's roles takes a lot longer and is less intuitive than it used to be and because the new “full server profile” window is much wider, the roles are disorganised and finding the right one takes more time. The new server profile layout should be optional.

  • Suku

    It's a lot of information, which is confusing and very ugly. The combination of elements is not harmonious.

  • Ryanjacksontablet

    I agree with this, not only can you no longer see all the roles, the way also the custom status shows too is 1 distracting and 2 ugly. 

    I would love to see it go back to how it was. 

  • Seika

    I agree! I think the new version is way too condensed. It was perfect the way it was before. Sometimes I wish big companies would stop trying to fix things that weren't broken.

  • Ashbeel Khan

    Thank you for the guidance on the new profile display. While the instructions were helpful, it would be great to have a brief tutorial or pop-up walkthrough for new mp3 features when users first log in. This could make the transition smoother and ensure everyone can find what they need easily. Additionally, an option to switch back to the old layout for a limited time might help users adjust gradually. Thanks for considering these suggestions!

  • dk4q

    Let's keep upvoting this to ensure that Discord sees it. This is one of Discord's worst UI updates. This is incredibly ugly and bad. Like why is the custom status displayed there with a random black dot on the banner? My bio was cut off from my full 3-line message for no whatever reason. The placement of the badges, as well as the odd box in which they were placed, is just so ugly. It should be either reverted or made optional. Most people would upvote it up if they knew where to send their feedback.

  • daven

    Please undo this profile thing it's just so ugly

  • j29117

    I don't dislike a lot of the ideas about the new layout but as far as I can see there is absolutely no reason why everything should be cut off. It wasn't too big before, that space isn't being used now, it's just cut off arbitrarily. Hell, even the status thought bubble won't full display if it's longer than 1 line. For the love of God just make it so that it displays the full bio, roles and status of somebody without needing to delve into the full profile, that's just common decency for anybody who has to admin a server.

  • Gostnic

    It's horrible. Whoever did this simply spat in the users' faces. Who on the development team doesn't know that thousands of users love to create beautiful roles? I spent so much time trying to set everything up and now I see this shame? Who is this even made for? I made peace with the broken tiles when the tile outline color was explicitly removed and added to Nitro. But now this? I wouldn't be surprised if the old design now requires Nitro in the future.




  • jackmartin61

    I agree, the recent profile display changes seem to have made things less clear and user-friendly. Having an option to revert or maintenance key customize the profile appearance would definitely improve the experience for everyone.