Bring back our selfbots!



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  • Anime forever

    Agree, but with limits. Can't DM with selfbot, no loud music, no raids, no exploits and etc.


  • Dimensional

    As much as I'm not keen on the idea of having a bot connected to a user's account, it can help out a lot in areas where a normal bot account can't function properly. For instance if you restrict user accounts from changing their nicknames, due to them possibly trying to use profanity, a bot is useful to automate that, but what if you were to use a bot to automate it for a game? The biggest problem with automation of changing a nickname is the bot isn't allowed to change the nickname of the server owner at all. Even if it's given admin privileges, it still can't change the nickname of the owner, so they end up being singled out and left to do it manually for themselves when they might want to have it handled by the bot they trust on their server. So if they had a bot they trusted implicitly, even one they built and host on their own PC or personal server, connected directly to their account, then they'd have everything necessary. Even could have it connect with a standard bot account to ensure a higher level of separation and functionality.

  • RisingX

    This is never gonna happen

    When a company makes a change and the people vote to reverse that change, that is proper. But doing that without a justification is not proper. For one, people have mentioned the security issues already, if you have a lever that leads to a virus, but you get to eat a cookie, and it is pulled you get a virus for a object that isnt worth much, they didnt pull the lever leaving that cookie. Point is, the use of self-bots is a massive security issue that causes tons of issues with discord, and imagine the uses for people making viruses, you get random links that take your account and dm the rest of your contacts? A cookie is not as worth as much as discord

    Get over your need for self-bots and maybe try finding work arounds or just give up

  • Wyatt

    Doubt they'll be bringing back selfbots after situations like and h0nda.

    I'd also rather not let people have full access to all my private channels and everything.

    Why can't just you use regular bots?
    If there's something they can't do you either find another way around or just deal with it.

  • lieuwe_berg

    Access to your private channels?

    The idea we're proposing is that we're able to automate the items the Discord client currently offers. The selfbots would see exactly the same as their respective user.

  • IngwiePhoenix


    I would like to chime in here - and I come at this from a *very* different angle. This one:


    I use Matrix as a means to communicate with all my friends on different networks. So far, I have been using this module in order to bridge together a telegram group and a discord server channel. However, I always need to have Discord open if I want to talk just to a few individual people. I don't need voice calling or stuff like that - but what I do need is a way to reduce the amount of programs I have to keep running in order to talk to my friends.


    Basically, I am using three main systems: A desktop PC (R9 3900X, 2080 TI, 32GB DDR4), a laptop (MacBook A1342, mid 2010, 16GB DDR3 and a GPU that deserves no mention) and a phone (iPhone XR). I plan on switching most of my workloads to vanilla Linux with GNOME 3 as a desktop environment, and using Riot as a means of communicating with all my networks is very, very handy. But not just that - it also just makes more sense.


    Self-bots (aka. puppeted accounts, aka. automated personal accounts, etc...) are one way to make sure that each message sent in Matrix is correctly represented in Discord - and not just in servers, but also in private chats, once selfbots are allowed again. Yes, the Matrix bridge mentioned above _does_ have that feature, but it is against the ToS and thus I do not use it and do not plan to do so. However, I really want to.


    On platforms with way more restrictions, writing a custom client (which is obviously not the official client and thus considered a selfbot) would be a much more sufficient solution and even fix a few other issues. One of them is accessibility. Discord is based on Electron, which is based on Chromium, which exports a rather mixed result of accessibility layers that screen readers and other such devices and software can take advantage of. So, using a third-party application would allow someone to develop an application that is more oriented towards this very feature - and boy you dont know how happy my friends would be =). I myself only need screen magnification, so I am fine. But my blind friends? NVDA can only do so much...let alone Orca.


    Selfbots can be regulated, there can be restrictions, but as long as it is possible to control an actual user account to tap into private messages and all available servers, there is a lot of potential to be used - or rather, wasted, as long as selfbots stay disabled.


    Here is another feature. Secure, private messages. Yes, if you and your pal want to message securely, then just use Matrix or something else instead of Discord. But sometimes, this is not so much an option for a variety of reasons. If two clients send encrypted messages and can thus decrypt them, Discord only gets to log the encrypted bulk, but it is not readable to anyone but the reader and sender - or those holding the keys. This is not something I would suggest, but something that would be made possible with custom clients that are able to take advantage of selfbots: Features that Discord does not provide. At all. And this is just one example - there could be many more things that could be done, but it is the first that came to my mind.


    Electron might be an easy way to write application - but it sucks from a performance standpoint. Literally, it sucks away your memory. Look at how much Discord consumes on memory, and then compare it to a native Telegram client for instance. This is not Discord's fault, but something they have to deal with and accomodate for. All they can do is make the best of it...but there could be better, which I think would be possible through selfbots + custom clients. For accessibility, for less-powerful systems and for adding features that may be easily implemented on the client side. There is a reason stuff like BetterDiscord exists, after all.


    I know, this went kinda long but I just *had* to chime in here. This is important to me as I am one of those people that want to centralize communication as much as possible, even if it is across multiple networks - something Matrix does. There are possibly more things that could be done than I could come up with and neither of them would deprecate the official client. Because, it **is** the official client. If a 3rdparty one does not work? Well you can always use the official one, after all.


    Hopefuly something happens in this regard, seeing as the last message was 17 days ago. I am hoping for the best and wish you a great day. ^.^

  • Code Disease Dev

    if this ever does get allowed maybe put a self bot badge next to the self bots username!

  • DM Discordian-7736

    Hello, I'm also a Matrix user. If Discord would allow self-bots, I could very easily allow my Discord friends to get ahold of me, without having to now add/message another account. I'm not sure how many friends I have, but it looks like it's over 1000, and I don't know how I'd even tell them all about the new bot, without self-botting.

    For anyone unfamiliar with puppet accounts, they're very nice. On Matrix every single Discord user just looks like they're in Matrix as a regular Matrix user, and on Discord a bot makes itself look like the Matrix user it's puppeting, so the chat /history makes it look it it's just a bunch of Discord users talking to eachother (icons and all).

    I don't see why I can't just flag myself as a bot. Restrict me from interacting with other bots, like current bots seem to be, problem solved.


    I'd also like to note that I wouldn't have left Discord if they hadn't dropped Linux support. It's annoying.

  • JackTEK

    Rather than allowing any old Nitro user to create self-bots, how about Verified Bot Developers instead? Let's be honest, no bad actor is going to go through the lengthy process of verification (and adding it into 100 placeholder servers doesn't work either), so this is a better alternative in my opinion. It gives Discord peace of mind at least.

    I doubt I'd ever have any need for a self-bot, but other users seem to have some pretty valid reasons for wanting self-bots to come back. Just an idea.

  • Bricklou

    Personnaly I would like that selfbot come back with a dedicated API because currently I am playing with an arduino with wifi support to do an IoT lamp. It would be awesome if I can show on this lamp a notification about if someone ping me or DM me.

    I know that was some problems before with selfbot but if you want more control and less problem you will need to have an API just for that.


    A lot of peoples would like to be able to get data from their account programmaticly to do projects like mine.

  • SuperGDPro3

    I say make it that self-bots can only send messages once every 5 seconds.

    Also, if a self-bot says a certain message over and over again, terminate the account.

    However allow it for:

    • Embeds
    • Custom Rich Presence
    • Commands
    • Other positive stuff :)
  • Lemon

    Well, I was abused by someone (self-bot spam), but I agree with this, self-bots have a lot of potential :), take the right measures!

  • TheCloaker

    I think that discord should add back self bots they are a lot of fun to use and very handy in some ways now to address the "Huge" security issue their can me very easy ways to patch the issue, also I might add that for everytime their is a force stopping something their we be something to fight back their are still people self-boting even though it is against the rules and it is undetected! so I think just building a self-bot api beside the existing bot api will be amazing for the geeky community and the guy that created this thread has ALOT of very good points like the way for server owners to disable the feature :D I do hope that you guys that discord reopen this fun rabbit hole.

  • Bobby(buizel)#3313

    I see no reason bringing back Discord selfbot they are used for malicious intent

  • alistair

    My two cents...

    Allow for things like selfbotted messages and embeds (presences can already be done programatically) with an exclusive selfbot API with marginally higher rate limits. Additionally, allow for servers and users dms to disable the API if they don't want selfbots there. Finally, on every message sent programatically, place a minute border to the left or something visually indicating that the message was not sent my a human – making it easier for others and yourself to distinguish between the different messages.

  • cmppc

    the only reason why i need self bot is for being able to include discord in my app. i use my rpi for controlling my led and i already include the facebook api so i can acess my msg when gaming. dx12 dont like shift tab or some game like league of legend, metal gear survive, conan exile you need to disable all overlay. so discord become useless if i cannot access with overlay and shift tab