Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • 🔰ⅅeᏇayne🔰

    This would be very helpful for those trying to test a server. So they can switch to an alt and check for bug.

  • prietess

    This feature is useful yes to separate between games. I can have one account for game A, and another for game B.

  • Guinea_Pig

    This feature will be useful for me because I'm admin on some servers and It's makes easier to know if the roles are working as it should (And also some of my partners use two accounts as well), considering there is a bug on PC that makes posible to use two acounts on the same app this should by posible... Please I need this please

  • Chikkuri


  • Chikkuri

    This feature is useful for switching between my personal Discord account and my business account.

  • ToraxMalu


    this feature would be very useful with chat-RPGs.

    Yes, there is still a community out there playing chat-RPGs via IRC. The main-disadvantage with this very old protocol is the handling of lost connections. The server keeps the broken connection often alive for 2 or 3 minutes. (Depends on how the admin sets the value.) So long you can’t reuse your nick, only if you “ghost” the nick.

    The main-advantage of IRC is the option to login with several nicks to play multiple rolls.

    I know, it is a very special usage of IRC and you can mimic it with multiple browser-tabs and different log-ins, but it would be great to have this option.



  • FUT Mühendisi

    All of main messaging and social media apps provide this feature already for years and here discord in 2020 still not even planning to introduce it. Shame.

  • LarsMB

    I'd add my vote to this. As multiple communities user Discord, I don't want my personal and professional lives this intermingled.

    This is especially required on the app, which is otherwise brilliant.

    (In Firefox on the desktop, it's easily enough achieved using multiple containers.)

    I'd be happy to donate some pizza, drinks or cash if someone were to implement this.

  • ThiagoLA92

    I have two accounts, personal and work

    I can't use my personal in the work environment, i need to switch every time

  • Bunnie

    Agree. This need to be implemented on both Desktop and Phone 

  • jaythefae

    As someone who has two accounts to keep things organized it would be great to have a way to quickly switch between the two without having to completely log out. I would love something similar to how Twitter works.

  • bananacreamphi

    I desperately need this feature.

  • AndyClausen

    Don't know if this has been mentioned before, but another use case is having work/personal account. We're considering discord instead of slack at work, but it's a hassle to log in and out of accounts on all devices.
    Mostly just for mobile though.

  • ThiagoLA92

    My solution was using the app


    I still want discord to support multiple accounts but i will use this app for divide work and personal

  • uncensorable

    this would be a smart idea.

    a button where it says "add account" you press that and it opens a login page (discord app windows)

    you log in with the correct information and go to settings and easily switch accounts from the other one to the new one.

    to prevent alts i suggest it to only have 10 accounts that u can use.

    yes or no?

  • Daetrin

    I'd love this.  Facebook has it too and it makes it super easy to move between multiple accounts. The scenario of having to toggle between work/home accounts is one use case, another is when you have an account you use for family/friends/social groups that shows your real username vs. your gaming servers where you want your "handle" shown instead.

  • Donkey Kong

    I need notifications from a work and a personal account at the same time. I do not want to mix the two. Please support multiple accounts like all the other major social tools!

  • Ведьмина Поляна

    Activation of PTT notify depresses me :D

  • Freehugs

    How many votes does an idea need before it becomes reality!?!?!

  • Viki Ai

    I would like to promote the use of Discord at work as part of remote working currently very relevant internationally, but I - obviously - don't want to mix my personal profile in with my work one.

    Please save me from Cisco's awful corporate remote work tools! You are my only hope!

  • Thermodynamc

    I'm surprised we dont already have it. Discord has been pretty innovative with its features.. this seems like a tremendous oversight on what is now a basic feature in many social apps

  • Mother_Heat

    I can not believe we don't have this feature yet, either.  Been wishing for it for so heckin' long.  C'mon, Discord . . . it can't be that difficult!

  • hiccups

    That would be so good. I have two accounts too, and switching between them is annoying.  :(

  • andre_ss6

    I use Discord both on work and personal. Web doesn't have all features of desktop (especially sharing screen) and having to login in and out of an account every day is very frustrating. Using PTB also isn't great as, well, it's PTB, it may have bugs (also they both have the same icon).

  • AgentDan10

    This would be super useful for managing a personal account and an artist profile so I can prioritize stuff better!

  • Shy

    This would  let me get rid of other programs and save me a whole lot of aggravation.  Different accounts for different games, irl vs online friends.  Its such a headache!!

  • Naomi Lyle

    Yeah, I have a University account but I want to have a public one with a different aliase for my minecraft group. It would be super handy.

  • L'Ogre

    I thinck this is really useful for when you have two or more account and you don't want to mix professional and personal Discord's account.

    So I made a concept of this feature, It presents like that (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125703728890026/design_1.PNG) , 

    so you have access at discord when you go to "login", you can also add an account on the "+" (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125714416107640/design_3.PNG)

    After for each account record on this computer you have somme option when you click on the three point (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125708728500264/design_2.PNG),

    you have three options, "default user" when this option is check and if the next option isn't check you have access at your discord account when you start Discord, you have the next option "Request password" when this option is check you need to type just the password at each connection (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/705125613312147537/705125717712699402/design_4.PNG),

    i think this option is helpfull for more security, and the last one "Delete account of this computer" this just delete Discord's account information of connection on this computer.

  • metalspork

    Two accounts man.

    One for the wife, one for the girlfriend ;)