Allow muting notifications by role



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  • SencneS

    Seriously, this is not a hard request.

    Maybe they'd take notice if we joined Discord's Discord Server and @Admin Read this! -

    Take a leaf out of John Oliver's book and to make them aware of the issue they need to experience the issue first hand to get a firm understanding of what it's like!

  • coldreactive



    No. The official twitter specifically states that you must get enough demand on this voting site before it is even bothered to be considered. It took over 13,000 votes for the mobile status to be considered/added:

    It doesn't help that there are duplicates of these things here and there.

  • Aeon1704

    I hope one day devs will tell me how many $ should i pay to have this...

  • SencneS


    When I first posted on this thread, there was several other threads requesting the same thing in different ways. One of them even had over 5000 upvotes. But those threads are now deleted, just look through the thread and see for yourself. Discord are hiding the demand for this by closing thread and deleting them so a new one starts and so does the vote count. This thread was the newest the oldest at the time I posted was also about 6-8 months old.

    I’d say just type in “Mute roles discord” and see the reddit threads and how much demand there is for this very simple switch. They don’t want to remove it because it enables severs to spam ads, or pay to remove roles.

  • Rana

    I just noticed that @nelly is a moderator, what happend to the original authors, why do you delete suggestions in order to add it with your name?

  • Aeon1704

    @Rana wonder about that too. Why so many of threads been taking over by moderators... very worrisome.

  • AnalogMan

    I get bombarded with role mentions but don’t want to leave the server entirely. I was looking for a way to mute them when I stumbled on this and see it’s apparently not possible. So +1 for this big fix.

  • SencneS

    I understand that "We could just leave the server, and make your own" but that's not a viable solution to a growing systemic problem. As more and more servers start implementing mandatory @role event notifications, or admins being abrasive, or frankly exploit the mechanic to spam ads and demanding payment for removal of that role. Considering they did not pay anything to create or maintain the discord server, the admins demanding money to remove ads is an unintended side effect.

    It is fundamentally countering the concept of Discord creating communities. You can't simply leave a community you've got long term friends with. Often the community is better than the admins. You don't join the server to see ads, you join for your friends. To have servers spam notifications using @Role Mentions is the single largest issue short of app breaking bugs. This isn't a bug breaking the app, it's a feature breaking communities...
    There is a solution - You simply block the person who is spamming the @Role mentions. On one server I have every single admin and moderator blocked (About 18-20 people) all because they spam @Role Mentions. Which is frankly dangerous, we shouldn't be blocking admins and moderators to prevent role pings.

    I did a simple search in the support forums, I stopped at page 5. All these threads all request or have some sort of issue with @Role mentions. Even the one that says "Getting-rid-of-roles-you-don-t-want"

    Some of these have even been deleted from the site altogether.


    By the looks of it, this is just a growing issue. Again, not a bug breaking the app, not a "nice to have" feature that grows the functionality of Discord. This is a request to keep communities from becoming a mechanism for admins to exploit for financial gain, or annoyance beyond reasonable use.

  • Rana

    Why are we able to supress @everyone & @here when we can't supress @everyone_2 / @fake_here.

    Supressing roles or direct mentions shouldn't be something we request really, it's just so obvious.

  • Jojen

    Honestly, this garbage makes me not want to use Discord anymore, it's ridiculous how long this has gone on. It's well over a year now that people have been asking for this. As people keep mentioning, this isn't some cute feature that people would like to see added, it's a major issue with how Discord operates. Absolutely destroys the notification system.


    What are we supposed to do anymore? These requests (plural) are all highly up voted, and nothing comes of it. People make lots of duplicates in an attempt to bring more attention to it, and nothing comes of it. How do we force them to see this problem? Or is it malicious negligence?


    Clearly no one at Discord cares at all about their platform.

  • Raoul Duke

    This thing is really anoying, still hope that Discord team will fix that !

  • Rana

    I stopped paying nitro, and I almost stopped using discord at this point, they will wonder why members are quitting at some point.

  • ThatProgrammer

    In my opinion. I'd like the ability to disable role pinging via the client. When the user has no control over the settings of roles in a server and has no way to have a role removed from them, they are forced to be pinged by anyone using the role. I know if it becomes a problem leaving the server is an option but sometimes I like the server for one reason but I don't like being pinged for other reasons. I'd prefer to just be able to mute role pinging like how we have the ability to 'suppress @everyone and @here'. It doesn't seem like a hard thing to implement either.

  • chimeforest

    I wish they would fix this.

    I've muted the server, the channel, @everyone, @here AND @mentions... basically everything.. but I'm still getting constant notifications from @"role"...

    I'd really like only to be pinged when someone it directly talking to me... not every time a server wants to @everyone about their daily update or w/e

  • chimeforest

    I think this is what they mean:

    Basically, even if you mute and suppress the server, the channel, @everyone, @here, and @mentions; the server can still assign you a role and @"role" you, and there is no way to block it.

  • Aeon1704
    Server is muted, channel is muted and hidden. I still get notifications.
    'Supress all roles' per channel option, when?

  • Tassu

    would be nice, even for non emote servers

  • Anyar

    With my vote, this suggestion is now equal to the current year 2019. But apparently a simple QoL improvement is too much to ask for.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Oh wow, Discord still hasn't implemented this? It's been requested for years now. Step up to the plate, or admit that you really don't listen to your userbase anymore.

  • Professor Willow

    Nelly can you edit it to include also by specific channel basis? 

  • fictive

    It's infuriating that you can not disable the notification badges for role mentions.

    • @everyone is arguably the most important/critical mention feature of Discord, as you can notify your entire community about important information in one message, yet this can be muted entirely.
    • @here can be muted, which most often should be used for quickly getting attention of users.
    • Entire channels can be muted
    • The entire server can be muted.

    Yet, we do not have muting of role mentions.
    Even with every possible setting for muting notifications checked, you still get notification badges for role mentions.

    In my situation I am in a big server where certain members will @role, as is their job, to get the attention of the thousands of people with that role. The first 5 people to answer gets to do the task being asked for. 99.9% of the time I am not interested, don't have time or I don't care for doing anything. It is entirely optional. This happens on an estimated average of 5 times per 30 minutes. It is not critical that I get this notification.

    What I would like to do is to be able to mute all of my roles, or specific roles, in a server.
    Then, when I am ready to participate and have the time, I want to be able to unmute all of my roles, or specific roles, in a server.

    To me it makes no sense that this feature hasn't been implemented yet, when you can already disable notifications and notification badges of more important notification features.

  • Max

    This would be a major improvement and I'm surprised it's not a thing already.

  • Permanently deleted user

    The fact that this has still not yet been implemented makes advertisers lives a lot easier. In most servers, instead of @everyone, there's a @Member role, and this is commonly "pinged" to serve announcements, as the Staff are aware that @everyone can be blocked.

    This is disappointing, Discord. Focus on your users, instead of adding features that can only be accessed behind a paywall. Your service is used by thousands of people, so I would listen to them before they leave.

  • Kenny

    For the love of God, yes, please!

  • Hywell

    Please do this. Some servers are abusing role pings and exploiting users. 

  • Atmos

    incoming automated response sand shutdown

  • znma

    This was posted 11 months ago with a decent amount of upvotes, has this really not been addressed???

  • almostsuspense
    would be very useful
  • MissEvelyn

    Please implement this already.