Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • Jim Harmon

    what annoys me is that you can't even invoke a second instance of the Discord app and sign into a different account. The only option is to use both the Discord app and the web page. You're totally screwed if you want to use a third account.without signing out of the other two (Family/Friends, Work/School, and Gaming accounts)

  • draghn

    I am also interested in this feature. My workplace management created a Discord server to game with coworkers. My issue is that I want to join, but also sometimes I don't want to advertise that I am on or which game that I am playing to the workplace server for a few reasons. I do not want to create another account just to use my browser to connect to the workplace Discord server.

  • BananaAcid

    Same here. Use it for personal gaming and to communicate with my students. Don't want them to see me on all the time and gaming ;)

  • micromashor

    I'd love to be able to show my game activity to my gaming servers, but hide it on my professional servers.

  • Miskatonicon

    Yes, the same reasons as everyone else.  Why isn't this an implemented feature already?

  • NickD

    I could really use this as a feature. Would make my life a lot more easy as I could finally ditch slack forever.

  • ÄÄÄ

    Please. This is actually important now.

  • miltzi

    Please implement this

  • gilm0079

    +1 to implement this.

    How does this usually work for suggestions? I'm interested especially because of the current state of things that people are using discord for professional reasons and not just gaming so while I like my game status to show on servers related to gaming I don't want it to show on professional servers. I'm just catching up on this thread, but it looks like it has been active for over a year and I have yet to come across a comment from a discord admin saying they are implementing this or at least looking into it. I would hope admins are at least engaging in requests when there is substantial user backing and not leaving them high and dry...

  • Jim Harmon

    The way it appears to "work" is: We make suggestions here. If the developers think to themselves, "I wish I'd thought of that," it gets done. If not, they ignore them.

  • TheDoctor

    This feedback is a year old and has 7 pages and still hasn't been picked up, so  I fear it isn't coming. I also would like this feature. Everybody from the office is working home due to the corona lockdown, and someone set up a server for an easy informal voice chat between collegues. But I don't want them to see when I'm playing a game at 2 am or during "work" hours

  • micromashor

    It's pretty disappointing that they just ignore simple suggestions such as this that have so much support from the community.  If you're just looking to hide your game activity from your colleagues, you can go into Settings > Game Activity and turn off the switch next to "Display currently running game as a status message".  I know this doesn't actually fix the problem, but it's a quick and dirty way to hide your activity from other people.  However, it hides your activity in all servers, which is suboptimal.

  • Zom-B

    I suggest you convince your employer to use a Skype-clone such as Zoom (free for small groups afaik)

  • Jim Harmon


    I don't know about anyone else's reason, but I have Discord running 24/7. There are simply certain servers I do want people to know I am available every minute of every day, and other servers I don't.

    I would be willing to execute a second instance of the Discord app to accomplish this, but this is not possible.


  • nuverian

    Just came here to say this is so much needed.

    I want my gaming friends on the gaming server to know what I am playing.

    I don't want people (many of which are strangers) to know what I am playing on a professional server.

    It's simple enough isn't it?

  • George 2.0 Hope

    I think it would be best (in order to get traction with the devs) to have one 'post' for this so that it has the most up arrows & follows...  I would ask if you see a new post similar to this one, then put a permalink to this comment (item):

    ... so the ppl in the other posts can up arrow over here.

    ○ Server Specific Visibility
    • if you use discord for work, volunteering, & social aspects; this is as important as the two items below

    With regards to related items:

    ○ Server Specific Bios
    • I'd love to take this a step further for the RPG'ers out there & have even per 'channel' specific bios, in the same server, this would let you in an easy to find fashion link to details about a character within a channel
    • Again this has use cases in the business, volunteering worlds as well; where you have different contact info based on the server and/or a different role based on the team (per channel is important)

    With regards to "Server Specific Avatars"
    • this has it's own (separate) post you (again, thank's @Nelly) :
    ○ this also has a use-case for ppl who use discord for various endeavors: work, volunteering, & play
    ○ I'd love to take this a step further for the RPG'ers out there & have even per 'channel' specific avatars, in the same server ... the same logic holds, if I'm a DM with multiple campaigns why have multiple servers & not multiple channels (that way all the common stuff can be in one channel & all the campaign specific stuff can be in it's channel.

    I'd like to ask for everyone's help in up arrow'ing:

    ○ this post (let's help @Nelly cross the finish line <after a year 😲>, though the dev team has been understandably busy with scaling, performance, & Rust conversion)!
    ○ this comment so that we can get everyone on the same page (& hopefully get the dev's to work on this item.)

    Here are the similar links I've already cross-posted to (or are already answered/closed pointing to the parent post):

    [[ Server-Specific Avatars, please
    [[ Server Based Avatars / Boost Perks
    [[ Server Specific Icons
    [[ Server-specific Profile Pictures
    [[ Custom Avatars for Servers
    [[ Server-specific bios
    [[ Feature request - Server specific visibility
    [[ Server-specific online status




  • Jim Harmon

    Thank you for this info, George.

    If you sort the suggestions under Feedback -> Chat by number of votes, you will see that this post, at almost 6500, has the MOST votes of all suggestions of all those which have been ignored. If that fact in and of itself does not "get traction with the devs", nothing will. The second most upvoted ignored post is Enable pop-out video chat, and allow dragging the box anywhere.with about 5800 votes, and in third place is Recording Option for Voice Chat with just over 3000.

    It seems obvious to me that the devs silence is speaking load and clear. 

    (for that third one... just use Audacity... smh)



  • Miskatonicon

    Yeah, thanks for pulling together the ideas George, but its pretty easy to agree with Jim.  This idea isn't hurting from visibility in any way.  If you sort by number of votes, you'll see this idea is already the number one idea that has not yet been implemented, plus it has more activity than any of its neighbors.  Either they are working on it next and just aren't ready to say anything or there may be a reason they are staying far away from the idea. 

    When we're talking about a significant change in scope for several features, even just server-specific status could actually represent a major architectural issue in their system.  Tacking on all the related ideas as an epic feature isn't actually helping if we can't get the minimum version of the idea off the ground.  Still, it would be nice to hear something from Discord staff as it is the most up-voted idea.

  • Arrest this man

    This feature would make admins/moderators life much easier, and specially if having more than one big communities under control. Like in my case, if people see me online (big server) they just start asking me questions and as a moderator i have to answer them. And it doesn't really make any difference if i set myself to "Do Not Disturb" mode.

  • Noichiboy

    I just don't want to see my boss or my coworkers coming on my stream

  • stayselected

    This would be cool. Upvoted.
    Please also consider upvoting this as it is a basic moderation tool that badly needs more exposure (apparently):

  • Oh, so it's been one year and discord still doesn't have this feature?  lmfao

  • LariXine

    this would be so amazing and helpful especially for me as a moderator :)

  • halen

    Pleaseee make this a thing! There are a few people who message me every time I’m online/playing the game we play together sometimes, when I want to play with my other friends. It’s to the point they’re just asking to join my other friend’s discord and I have to make up excuses. It would be amazing to hide my status from them but not my friend’s discord server.

  • Mats

    Been a year since this post went up and it seems like it is an awful lot of beautiful people that would like to have this bug... ehrm, I mean this feature, it's not a bug it's a feature!

    I, for one, would like to have it this way, so why not you, yeah you, Discord-developer-human?


  • Hollow

    Normally i don't write something in the Internet.
    But it is really annoying, that this feature isn't intended yet. and i really don't understand. It would be awesome if you can choose a server as a "work" server or anything similar. When you choose it it will not show your avatar, game you are playing etc.

    a week ago me and my coworkers started to work on our pojects on discord and it is really annoying somehow, that all of my coworkers can see when and how long i am online.

    It really crushed my brain when i saw that some essential function than this isn't implemented in Discord.

  • nAP4LM69

    I am not sure how the devs can be saying they recommend Discord to be used for teachers and students as well as gaming. I am currently using it to teach my students during COVID-19 and just yesterday I had one of my students ask me why it showed I was still playing rocket league at 11:30pm. 

    If you truly want people to be able to use this for both its intended purpose, gaming, and to help deal with the crisis, this needs to be implemented now. However, for all the reasons stated over the past year, it really should have been implemented from the start.

    I do believe you guys are probably trying to make this happen and it is probably just a coding nightmare. However, a quick "we see you guys want this and we are doing the best we can to make it happen" would make a whole bunch of people a lot happier.

  • Raven Salty

    Discord devs please implement this!!  I am in a few different servers and it's a shame that I have to set my online status to invisible to everyone in order to have some peace. It would really be nice if my friends could see when I am online and I could appear offline in some of the large servers. This post was made a year ago and people are still commenting. Clearly having this option would make a lot of people happy! Especially at a time like this when we are stuck at home working and would like to be able to separate work from fun. 


    Thank you and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

  • MrHallows

    "Alert: Delayed Responses from our Support Team due to COVID-19"

    This suggestion was first posted a year ago and still has yet to receive a response from the devs. I completely understand that loads of requests and suggestions are made all the time and implementation takes time and effort, but as a hobbyist programmer myself, I really don't believe that this would take too much time or effort to implement. And to be frank, it's something that should have been implemented a long time ago. At its roots, this is a privacy issue, not just some aesthetic or "frosting on the cake" request. I really hope this gets some attention from the developers soon.

  • Meerkat

    Dear Discord employees:

    You are awesome. Please continue to be awesome by granting this request.

    the 6,641st upvoter