Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • Kreelix

    If Devs could at least respond with SOMETHING to this, that would be awesome. Over a year old and still is regularly requested by users.

  • Chikuma

    Yes, please. I got a server for work and some gaming servers.

    It is okay for my friends on gaming server to see what am I playing
    but I really do not want my colleague to know it for some reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • ActionBrother

    It is unbelievable that during these times they are promoting Discord to be able to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, etc. but you can not manage your status per server (or even per friend).

    My work asked my opinion about Discord and while I said it was good, I kept my mouth when they asked the question "Maybe we should use Discord?". I don't want them to know when and what games I play.

    It should be at least possible to hide your status and status message per server. I don't need a different status per server like offline, online and away, I just need the option for it to be visible or not.
    As for friends or individual people... I think it is possible too. Why would it work in a different way?

    You have a default status option for all the servers, friends and individual people (those who are not a friend), but you have to option to edit the status visibility for each and one of them separately.
    You can hide your status completely but it is also possible to just hide the status message ("Playing THE NAME OF A GAME"). This way you can choose who can see your status (visible or not) and who can see a more detailed status (what you are doing/playing/...).

    I think this possibly is a privacy problem and not only in these times. You have community servers with thousands of people and yet you are not able to hide your status for these servers. OK, they don't know you, but still... It can not be an excuse for not implementing this.

  • Selix

    Yes please add this!

  • Jim Harmon

    I never went in to set the game status to be a part of the name display. What I object to is simply being SEEN (or not) by EVERYONE at ALL TIMES. I want to be able to select who can see that I am signed in. I'd be equally happy if it was possible to be logged into different accounts AT THE SAME TIME. I want my friends to see me online all the time. If I want my co-workers to see me online, I'd then log into my work account and log out of it when I don't. This "per server" visibility would work equally well... if it ever gets implemented.

    As it is... Discord simply does not meet this need at all.

  • Tomato

    I wish I can separate my privacy for work and gaming purpose, so this thing will help a lot. Pretty please devs!!

  • 𝒟𝒶𝒽𝓁

    +1 for this option. Disappointing this is still not an option 2 years later. 

    Some servers have volatile people you don't want to draw attention to yourself by showing online so, but more developers are pushing discord for best way to stay up to date on progress so you remain Invisible which spans to all the communities you've joined which can be quiet unhelpful sometimes. Unless it's intended to juggle multiple discord accounts to get this desired effect? But that's also not supported. So seems quiet silly :D but I don't see another way right now?

    I welcome being told otherwise as it would be lovely to show online in some but not all discords one joins. And if we can mute individual servers, why can't we choose to show as off or online on individual servers too? 

  • martinph


    We migrated to discord for company-wide comms, but the ability for me to not set my status on my company server outside of work hours is annoying. I feel like I can't use discord for personal use any more because I don't feel like my privacy is protected. If you're going to promote yourselves as more than just gaming chat, introduce the necessary privacy options!

    Absolutely fantastic product otherwise!

  • paywall

    is there anywhere that the devs are know to be active in responing, like twitter or reddit, and try and get a response there to this request

  • MrHallows

    They seem to be fairly active on Twitter:

    I'd send them a message on there with a link to this request page, but I don't use Twitter. If you could, though, perhaps they might actually provide some kind of response here. It just baffles me that they don't even care to look at the Support page of their own website.

  • Jim Harmon

    SMH... Discord goes to the time and expense to set up a feedback message base, and the devs don't even use it. I think that, right there, demonstrates how little Discord values its own products.

  • duxdaro

    +1, waiting for this option.

  • JxR

    This is quite necessary and Discord gains ground amongst colleagues I don't want ppl constantly tracking what I am doing. Let me hide the status at least from a certain server or just appear offline. This makes it impossible to use Discord right now

  • Zom-B

    You can use multiple accounts at the same time if you use browser(s) along possibly the desktop client and your phone.

  • true_kenpachi

    Having to create multiple accounts for something that can be solved by implementing a better and wider variety of privacy options is incredibly tedious not to mention preposterous and should not be a thing, especially not for the service Discord claims/wants to be and provide.

  • 🌟A$E🌟

    Yeah this would be great, but also be able to be online all the time even if u close the app on ios. As it is now, when u close the app u automatically ho offline which is useless even setting a status

  • DanielKingUK

    Come on Devs your users have spoken. This feature request has lots of support so either implement or let us know why its not technically possible? Thanks! 

  • MattModify

    I honestly would like to see this feature as well as a "Raise Hand" feature for things with lots of people in it to have some sort of option for queuing for like podcast/interviews/etc. I know the voice chat/video chat software PalTalk has had that feature for years and years. It would be nice to have it implemented along with the offline option on servers that you aren't actively wanting to appear online on.

  • Jv1

    +1 I was surprised to see that Discord doesn't have this option, so I googled it and boom! a completely necessary feature with a request that has been ignored for 2 years. Please Dev-Staff read your user requests !!

  • ⋆ℙineapple ℙal⋆

    Yes!! That would be so useful! Cuz I run a server and my members DM me when I'm talking to friends to ask a question, but my friends like me to say online. I recommend idle for now though 😔

  • cristiano

    I would really appreciate this feature! Settings status independently of server would be awesome.

  • novice

    I just came here to say that I'm really looking forward for this feature!

    As a staff member in very large community I don't want to appear always online in that server, I have to stay invisible and my friends are not able to see when i'm actually online because of that.
    If I could set my status "invisible" for some servers and "online" for other servers that would be really fantastic!

    Please discord make it happen, we need it!

  • JefeTesting

    Totally agree with this. I am in a few servers for work/school that I do not want to see my activity.

  • JorgeP

    I really need this.
    I'm on some server where everybody is my friend and then there is another server were I also got some work coleagues too.

  • Robin

    Still not implemented :(
    I have all my co workers on a server and I dont want them to see me online playing a game after work hours

  • ↫↫ ᗰᎥ𝐍𝕤c34 ↬↬

    _/ ! \_ It is 2 years that this subject exist and make so much agreement in user's opinion !

    >> Why Discord dev dont hear us and implement this function ?!? Come on guys !!!
    NB : 6888 "YES" To this post/proposition !!!

  • 🌌 Eloryan

    +1 ! Want too

  • Tr3nch

    Yes. This is desperately needed. I moderate three servers, have my own for my guild/gaming community, and then have various others I am just part of. I can't have DM's on anymore because I started to get flooded with msgs. Now, I get pinged to death a few hundred times a day. Being able to set my statuses on each individual server will allow me to better manage my time when I'm on discord. Seeing how this feature has been requested for over two years now, I would imagine that the devs would at least acknowledge the community's desire to have this implemented. 

  • fluffys

    plz i beg

  • tamtam

    For the love of god, please. I’m tired of being constantly invisible but I have no choice due to personal reasons as of now. Just let us do this. How is this still not an option