Let Bots Have .gif Avatars



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    It is done. Bots can now upload an animated avatar. 

  • Wh1t3W0lf

    it would be nice if bots were allowed to have .gif avatars, thinking as a bot dev.

  • Andre_601

    I personally see no reason why this shouldn't be available to all bots and not just a single one of a dev with nitro.

    Bots can already use custom emojis (animated and normal ones) from other Discord servers they're in without the dev requiring nitro for it and I see no real reason as to why bots shouldn't have gif avatars. I mean sure, gory avatars and seizure causing ones are a thing, but those could just be reported imo.

    And I can also not see a reason like "More gif avatars would decrease performance" as I would imagine gifs taking pretty much nothing from the performance. Uploaded gifs would be way worse here.


  • itsg

    At least for devs with nitro... It would be soooooo cool.

  • Dreams

    That would be pretty cool!

  • Acco
    I don't know why bots couldn't...
  • imtyphon

    As a bot developer, I see it as a good idea because the bot avatar could reflect its usage better.

    Though I have an alternate view as people don't often tap on bot profiles and gifs only play in specific parts of Discord

  • Cyu Agen| SoBot.fr

    I think that would be a good idea but the only problem is abuse so why not when a bot is certified we can change the tag and the avatar annimated, like that no Abu

  • $apple
    ye it would be pretty cool 

  • Alexxie

    Make this an update.

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥

    This change is now live :D

  • chotaneem

    I completely agree with every one's perspective here cause it has a point to defend.


  • Vince


  • ```
    Yeah it will be very good.

  • QuadRadical

    https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030001612/comments/360008189591: No, right now it is physically impossible for bots to have animated icons.

  • Galaxy

    they added this recently

  • ForTombstone

    It's easy to answer the "More gif avatars would decrease performance" opinion. There's the Reduced Motion settings right?

  • AnnabethChase,Gofer,Hestia

    ludzie, jak zrobic tego bota?!


  • Crnge

    You can upload them, go to the bot user, change the file type to All Files and you can select GIFs and it will not work. It will show the first frame but it won't be animated.

  • Jarrod

    Has nothing to do with Discord, friend. Ask that to the bot devs/hosters.