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  • Askeladden

    Please add a toggle so you can choose yourself if you want 24 or 12 hour clock, or please tell how to fix or where to contact it for broken languages.

    I tried to set it to my country language, and on the phone and in a browser it shows 24 hour clock, while on the desktop client it shows in 12 hour clock.

    All OS languages were also the same language with otherwise correct locale settings.

  • Matihood1

    The thing is, switching from English US to English UK, as suggested earlier, would just trade one inconvenience for another for me. I am personally more used to the way the Americans write certain words (color, realize, favorite etc.) and switching to the British English would (I assume at least) change all the spellings to the ones preferred in the UK.

    It's not like I couldn't work with British spellings but if I have an option to use American spellings, I'd much rather do that instead. Just give us a normal toggle a 12/24 hour clock (as well as an option to switch to various date formats, including DD.MM.YY with dots as separators instead of slashes, since that's the format in my home country) regardless of language settings.

  • Brumbpo

    Setting my phone's (Android) client to UK English doesn't get rid of the 12 hour clock. It does work on pc. How can I enable the 24 hour clock on Android?

  • Schyken

    Upvoting this and also making things clear...
    Switching your locale is *NOT* an acceptable way to change time format, Discord. They should be independent of each other. US-24H should be just as doable as UK-24H. Honestly, this is just resistance for the sake of resistance. The functionality already exists, it just shouldn't be bound to locale/region. I don't see why I would want to pay for products like these when things are just ignored and improper solutions are promoted.

  • drcrack

    how come it's still not fixed?

  • Matihood1

    ^Because the devs think that if you use an X language, you want all your locale settings to be the same as in the country the X language is used in, which is a reaaaaally narrow-minded thinking. Language should be completely separated from any other locale settings.

    I am an European but I prefer American spellings over British ones (and there are many others like me out there) but if I want to have a 24-hour clock, I'm forced to use British spellings just because. Very bad design.

  • Crazed Wolf

    For some reason, setting the language to English, UK does not set the clock format. It just changes if the am or pm sign is capital or not.

  • angryllama

    This is so irritating. Who cares what is “standard” or what is the “best”? People have personal preferences. iOS has a system setting for 12 vs 24 hour time. Every app I run (including Reddit, DarkSky, etc) use the global system preference. But Discord forces the format to 12. This should be a simple fix. Just use the system’s native time formatting functions.

  • blakelington

    Any updates on this? @D

  • tuexss

    This is not answered. I want English (US) and still 24 hour clock. Every app and OS supports this, why not discord?

  • nagi

    2 years on, still no 24h, and the app still does not respect system locale settings! Even the shitty new Skype is better at this.

  • Twilazs

    this is an absolute bruh moment


    Still waiting for this. I live in Norway, we use 24H clock. If anything, have it use the way of displaying time and date as the system it's running on.

  • RedPolygon

    I'll just add to the large list of others waiting for this BASIC feature, but the other way around. I prefer UK English, but I can't work with 24-hour clock, so all my devices are set to 12h-clock.

    Please, Discord, just use the system settings! There is no need to implement your own time-and-date format system, because the operating system has that problem already solved for you.

  • LukeO

    Add me to list; switching to US/UK english is not a solution for changing the time format

  • KorvinSilver

    Having to change language, even if just to another variant, is the worst way of controlling date and time formats. This is such a basic and simple feature it should be implemented since day 1. And you pretty much can't assume everybody using a specific language will use one single format, that never happens.

  • Alma_D

    Uhh... This has been requested for 2 years... Is Discord not gonna plan to separate date and time from language? The MM/DD/YYYY format is really confusing, but I'm already used to the 12-hour format. Please implement this feature. It's very annoying.

  • I'm just gonna be the next person to say that I want this too. As an American that realizes that American time is stupid and wants to switch to 24 hr time but doesn't want to switch to British English, this is annoying.

  • wst


  • Kay

    I hate that I use British English & it defaults to 24 hour time, I agree that there should be a simple toggle in the settings, i don’t think it would be a big problem to add (I’m not a coder but it sounds simple enough) & it seems to be widely requested.

    Could we get one in the next update please?

  • Kay


  • Howar31

    Why this is so difficult to implement?  It's been 2 years.

  • felice

    Howar31 It's not difficult to implement. The problem is that this request has been marked "answered" by a Discord staffer who didn't really answer it, so nobody on their side actually looks at it anymore.

    I've tried to get them to mark it un-answered, to no avail. It remains, and any new requests that resemble it just get folded into it, making them ineffective.

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Seriously? Then what's the bloody point of this feedback site if they're just gonna do bullcrap like that?

  • felice


    ATTENTION: Anyone who has previously posted on this 12/24h clock request thread, to no avail:

    I suggest you go look at the request I posted here, and if you agree, give it an upvote in hopes of getting some devs' eyes on the problem that's keeping this thread from getting anything done, despite all of the upvotes:


  • schmal

    I totally understand how minor, simple improvements can get left on the backburner. They're so easy and trivial to do that you don't even want to bother. Everyone's guilty of it.

    Having said that, Discord's been around for over five years now -- and we're still waiting.

    Please don't insult our intelligence by saying we should just "change our locale." Just get it done.

  • KorvinSilver

    Not everybody may have that option to change it, either. Sure, in English you have US and UK (although those still have key differences) but Discord is available in a bunch of other languages and many only have a single variant. In those cases their users have no options at all.

  • okänd

    Also, where is the unix epoch and swatch internet time support?

  • lbutlr

    The is marked as “Answered” but the answer is not an answer, it is a very bad kludge. I should be able to set my Discord server and even specific channels to the correct time format, and not rely on that time being mangled based on the user.

    For example, One on team I am on we work exclusively in UTC. Can’t set the channel to UTC, now can we?

  • Marconius

    Please add this, along with customizable date format as well. Language setting isn't intrinsically tied to date/time format, and it's poor UX design to do so. Responding "well just change the display language" is a workaround sure, but doesn't actually solve the issue.

    If the devs really don't want to just add a few dropdowns for these settings, I'd also accept simply matching system settings, which can be customized already.