Allow passing channel to "Add Guild Member"


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  • collierplays

    That would be extremely helpful. Nice suggestion 

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  • CryptikLemur

    What you are talking about has no relation to whats being requested here.

  • adam burda bile prim kasıyor arkadaş discordda davet etme özelliği varken kısıtlayan aptal

  • fruitpunch

    You already can. What I do is have most the channels hidden for @everybody. Then give an additional role that lets the rest able to be seen.

  • Lost_Echo291

    @Aaron, I have 2 discord accounts. I use one as my main account and the 2nd to check what people see when they join my servers Via Disboard or the other bots I use to advertise my Server. Its not a built in setting no but it is something that anyone can do. If you don't want to make another account then have an admin in your server help you. 

  • Lost_Echo291

    You can do this already tho, Just make an extra account and use it for testing. 


  • Little Chicken

    Joinnn me cx

  • Ballin

    join me 

  • ccost

    First btw