Can we add 3D surround voice chat in supported games?


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  • Zumbi

    There were other posts asking for this. I've been wanting this since Discord appeared. The lack of modding support for discord is a bit frustrating. Of course it is hard to allow clientside modification, and it is even harder to modify server side API to include such a feature... Still, a feature like this could be sandboxed to server environment, tied to bot control. This can also reduce bandwidth usage, because if the server knows two players are out of range, then the server doesn't need to send them audio streams.

  • camora.

    How would discord itself implement it? It would need to get player positions in game and know who that player is in discord.

  • Todo

    I imagine the same way that teamspeak hooks into the game. Or a bot that syncs the data coming in from a mod in the game and relays it to an extension in discord.  (I'm just spitballing). 

  • Tank_you_all

    This function would be nice, but then would open the games to cheat mods. If you are passing that much data through to the user then not only will it be possible to locate your team, you can then locate all the other players including opponents.

  • Todo

    Yeah, but you know who can already see you by default? the Zues operator, or server administrators. Plus, I really don't get on Arma to pvp, I play it for the pve scenarios that are created in house by some of the communities that I play with. But I'm sure that with some tweaking that what you said could be more of a feature than a fault. as it would allow for separate teams to have separate lines of communication. 

  • Dyzalonius

    Really need this. Please add 3D audio.