Ability to show/hide gaming status on a per-server basis



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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029554971 , so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
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  • Madi

    You can always turn this off if you go to User Settings > Game Activity > Switch off the "Display the currently running game as a status message."

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    I totally understand this. I think it will be handy indeed. I'm also in game servers and want people to see when I run the game, but in the other servers (1 is for school) I don't really want them to see it.
    Turning it off can only be done for everything. We want to show it in several servers and not in several others, at the same time.

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  • WispGuardian

    This is definitely something that could be added to the Privacy Settings windows for each server.


    Slightly off topic but there is only one setting in that window so I'm not sure why it's "Privacy Settings" rather than "Privacy Setting".

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