Shortcuts when typing. (-_-;)


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  • Livalia

    Indeed, it's a great idea and it's much more practical!

    I vote for this idea!

  • eccos

    If you type ":", you'll start getting suggestions for emojis. You can then use it as a search to find the specific emoji you want.

    You can type ":blue" and you'll get suggestions for all emojis that have "blue" in their name.

    Is that what you're asking for?

  • Hush

    @eccos, No that isn't what I'm saying. Typing out the tag for :blue_heart: is long and takes more time to find what your looking for. Where as I could just type <3, and if we had textual shortcuts, a blue heart would just appear like the red one that it does currently. I would get to choose what <3 routes to among other emoticons.

    Before the emoji list buttons were everywhere we had our own shortcuts, or shorthand at least, that doesn't work in our favor anymore. It's almost is more steps to my posts than how I'd like them to be. It's nice to have the list on hand for the really weird ones but for my most common ones, I'd like to not have to type out :pensive: every time I need a specific sad emoji. It's faster to type :( and it just happen.