Change “Jump to Chat” to “Jump to Message”



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  • Just Me Chris

    This is still not fixed even after a year or more ago of this thread being made. I am using an XR currently and am unable to jump to a previous pinned message. Discord, can you please fix this?!

  • Shisui Uchiha

    If you have discord friend me

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  • MeLlamanHokage
    I needz dis in mah lfie
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  • ASilva

    I just found a why to go straight to the begining of a chat. But im sure im not the only one to find it.


    so here it is


    Use the search function then use the in: then chose the channel u want


    After that use before: (type the year u want or day or weak, try it ur self the formate dd/mm/yyyy did not work for me only year.yyyy)


    if u remember the specific date then good for u just find it on the calendar :)


    PS: Sry if i butcher the spelling of the words


    Hope i helped someone with this :)