Ability to change browser to open links


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  • Davethebuck

    I would also like to see this as a feature. 

  • Zankman

    +1 to this, it is really annoying. :/

  • Vazumongr

    You have to change your default browser in your computer settings. For Windows 10: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/make-chrome-firefox-default-browser-windows-10

  • Zankman

    That is what I have done since - but, you know, that makes EVERYTHING open in one browser as opposed to the other.

    Rare or not, I use two different browsers for different sets of things... I wish I could change which Browser Discord specifically itself uses.

  • TheLastMage


  • Black Jesus

    This has to be done on your computor.

  • fubbleskag

    +1 for this


    @Black Jesus your link is unrelated to the described request.

  • Bejasc

    Another +1 for this.

    I use chrome for work, and Firefox for personal browsing.

    In Slack, I'd like web links to open using chrome, and from Discord, I'd like to open Firefox.
    This is so I can maintain separate work/personal environments.

  • Ub

    It's a hassle, but this can be done. You can use 2 instances of discord at the same time by using two user accounts, but even if the second instance is open on your main account, it takes the settings from the user account the instance is linked to. So, if your second account is linked to firefox, and your first account to brave, then you can open links up between both browsers. A tutorial on how to have multiple instances: https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/4a1cjj/opening_two_tabs_of_discord/d0woi0g/

  • annihilation

    if you dont like the browser it opens for and u never use it how bout delete it? 

  • Adelscott

    We need this, and no @op, it's not difficult to do. But mpov is that Discord rarely adds something that comes from the community.

  • Sentinel

    Hey! I actually solve it (at least in windows 8.1) you have to search in windows menu = Predetermined apps or something called like that. There you have to chose your prefered browser and establish it as the main app to open al types of files in web.


  • Znote

    I actively use 4 different browsers for different purposes. And I would like to open links clicked in Discord through a specific browser (that is not my system default browser). 

    How to do this?

  • 👌 蟻が糖 👌

    @Znote: That's exactly what my situation is.

    After two years, the problem still stands. We've racked up 56 votes but I doubt discord official support will respond any time soon. Hope we keep getting traction.

  • Lionel

    Please, make this an option !!

  • Nonanan

    pls i really need it

  • Heroesflorian


  • NorthDweller


  • thinbegin


  • KBinturong



    On Mobile... Why doesn't it open the associative app for the corresponding link? If I post a FB link, it should open the link clicker's FB app, not Facebook on the default mobile internet browser... which more often than not requires an individual to login first... when they see that they think it's trying to steal their FB credentials. I challenge the Dev team to not only resolve this, but the above mentioned feature as well... it's been here for 2 years.. do you guys even care anymore like you did when you thought of the idea when you still had passion or now that the money is in the bank you're like pffft... there is a term for that... sell out. Please rectify this issue.

  • Arcitree

    For the discord links opening in a certain browser, in my experience, if you use google chrome and use different synced accounts on a PC, whichever browser you last clicked on is the one discord will choose to open any links in

  • Verse


    I need this too. This is the exact thing I searched google for that brought me to this thread. To see if the browser to open discord links can be set in the desktop app.

  • Morgan J

    Aaaaand, +1 here too.

  • MisterPumpkinBread009

    I use Opera for school and firefox for youtube. +1 please add

  • joncoale


    this would be very useful

  • sd.ponomarenko

    + 1, for macOS in my case. We use Discord as a corporate messenger and I need to open links in my work browser. 

  • epi1414

    +1, this gets really annoying and i kinda want to go back to using Discord for browser


  • Psylem

    Yeah, it sucks. The workflow for people that have a default browser that's used for everything they don't want discord links opening is... click link... "oh crap, that's right... abort! abort!"... right-click+"Copy Link"... Alt-Tab to the browser you want to use for discord links, paste, hope the Internet cookie tentacle megaplex corps don't start trying to sell me stuff in my primary browser now because of that link I just clicked.

  • Adelscott

    +1 Psylem, it's exactly what I have to deal with.