Server Wide Channel Mute


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  • xEc

    Up pls

  • Flop

    The ability to mute a channel is still a very important feature that needs to be developed.

  • neo-renaissance

    This would be super useful to me too!

  • Xander

    +1 on this. Discord how many upvotes this should have to be even taken into consideration?

  • jfnz

    lol, 3+ years later and still no change.

  • MavNZ


    This was suggested 3 years ago? Seems like it would be fairly trivial to implement. Come on devs!

  • amanmadeofcats


    I am an admin on many servers, and I cannot expect the average person to want to spend the time to change their notifications for every channel (and I know they don't). 

    For servers that mute all but @user notifications, the current setup only caters to those who check discord on a regular basis without any notification to do so (which are a VERY small % of a community generally) or those that will spend time to go and edit each channel's notifications (again a small % of most communities. This has been made easier on PC, but it is still a few too many steps/sub-screens on mobile to create an inviting how-to for most people to care to dive into it and change them instead of just muting the app).

    For servers that have notifications on for all messages, it only caters to small channels with a dedicated community (such as a group of 10 gamer friends) or again to those that will spend time to go and edit each channel's notifications (again a small % of most communities).

    Both of these situations end up just alienating the majority of users on servers and dropping interaction rates. It will only be a matter of time before these communities migrate to other platforms (while missing out on Discord's other wonderful functionalities). 

    I feel that adding custom default notification settings for each channel will create an environment that is healthier for communities to grow/interact, which should be a priority for Discord right? I'm sure it is not the easiest thing to program, depending on how everything is coded, but it can't be so hard that over 3 years it hasn't been seriously considered?

  • daemorth

    Any day now :)

  • JKM

    We need this! When discord devs will add something that ppl actually want? I would rather want to be able created muted channel by default for everyone than getting some Stickers

  • Solstice

    Librarian Discord (yes, I am tagging the accounts I've seen that do updates on the discord interface and such. There's one called Potato that I can't seem to get)
    This thread is 3 years old. We've asked, please please please update and add this feature for admins, mods, and server owners. We've been asking. Would you do us all a solid, and add it? 

  • Smokesick

    I second this. Please add the option to configure per-channel (or per-category) notification defaults. I'm currently forced to test and manage my bot in a private channel and I am afraid to make it public for the server since it will spam everyone.

  • thep0rnb0t

    Still waiting for this to happen..


  • KBS

    Discord please make this happen. Its been 3 years!!

  • preto2

    so, instead of getting something useful, like the option described in this thread..

    we get stickers which arent used by people.. well done devs 

  • Gloobox

    Bump. If this inst implemented yet, i want it.

  • ST HellRaiser

    This is still a wanted feature!!!

  • JBeauDee

    How is this still not a feature lol??

  • No1Liv4evr

    How many years for this option to be created?
    When there are plenty of people moderating discord servers who request it.

  • Cade

    +1 for this. Desperately needed for bot channels!

  • Curious Beats

    Necroing this, but I went to make the same feedback and found this. +1

  • Umut

    It's not really necroing, since the thread is not dead. We've been getting comments and support from several people pretty much every month, for 3 years now. It's clear that this is a much-needed feature, and presumably quite easy to implement, but it looks like this is not at the top of Discord's priority list at the moment. I wish someone from Discord at least deigned to respond to this, and tell us about their point of view.

  • greenroc

    I'm still waiting for this option, for server owners to  be able to have a channel muted by default.

    I been following this thread since I posted on page one. 3 years and counting.

    I heard my roommate rant last night, about having to mute all servers completely due to the sudden creation of a channel that spams him with pings.

    It's 2022. How many more upvotes until server owners can create a channel that is muted by default? How many more years until I can have new channels created that are muted on my end when brand new?

    Hey Discord employees, have any of you seen this thread yet?

    I dont like having to mute all channels for all groups to avoid getting ping spammed by new channels.

  • divid

    Still not implemented? 

    How long it takes to develop simple useful function? Oh right, we need Timeouts instead.. (just another mute function)

  • Aliberk Sandıkçı

    I think we really need this feature. Still !

  • EisReading