Server Wide Channel Mute


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  • RoseEmber

    Can't you already do this?

    1. Select Notification Settings


    2. Scroll down to "Notification Overrides"

    3. Select a channel or category and select the boxes that you want.


    The question here is if I check the mute box and the mentions box, will that mute all mentions?

    There is no documentation on this so I'm kinda confused. 

  • tory

    Just make it so that normal users don't have access to the channels that the bots spam messages to . On my server, I have various bots that only people of different levels of access can use. For example, my music bot will ignore any messages posted in the #general channel - this feature is only available to registered users of my community, and to use the music bot they make a post in the #musicrequest channel (where the bot DOES listen for messages).

    Other of my bots have various moderator level abilities, so I created a channel that only real moderators can post in, so "normal" users won't see any output from the bots. 

    In other words, I believe if you configure your channel permissions correctly, you won't need this feature?

  • smhily

    Isn't @souschefnug right?

    Click (Server Name) > Notification Settings, you'll see this window:

    You can set the notification behaviour of every individual channel or even mute the entire server if you want. This seems like the exact thing everyone is looking for? No?

  • izamlanyo

    Saya ingin bergabung

  • mxmo

    um i think its over XD I don't want hate comments or anything but I agree. I don't wanna start a fight but I already made a server a long time ago I just tell people not to talk in #rules channel. Thanks for your help guys! I read all of them.


  • Shadow Martin-X

    @metomorphose no is not, this is under settings for the SERVER not your individual settings. I underlined the word server on the picture below. Unless you have an admin role or permissions you won't be able to access this area in any server. And it does mute notifications, I tested a couple weeks ago with a new server I created. No this is not the ideal solution, never claimed it is. Yes this is a server wide mute and not a channel by channel mute. But if you have complaints from people that claim they get too many notifications this is still a work around. The original post asked for a setting that would "allow for better separation from announcement type channels". Since we don't have that yet, what you can do is mute the server, and always use @everyone or @here. Or do what bigger servers do, create an @announcements role and have people opt in to the role using a bot. Hell you could do that for every channel you've created if you wanted to.

    Look I'm not saying this is a solution, is a work around. I would still like for Discord to give this option as it is much easier. But instead of complaining like everyone else I decided to post a work around. If it works for you, great.|

  • Azrael

    First of all, you CAN mute the other channels you want to on your side. And others can mute the other channels. As for the administrator side, you are right in where there isn't any native way to auto mute specific channels on join. The role solution, in my eyes anyway, isn't really a roundabout solution but the solution, necessary that's what roles are for, roles are for specific channels, nice colors and overall coolness. As for the time reasoning, there's thousands of not that have systems where you can react or type a command for a role you want to gain access to a channel

  • BckwrdsEvltion

    There is a way to mute all normal messages throughout all channels for all members. Go to server settings, overview, scroll down to the bottom to where it says default notification settings, and select only @mentions. This should make it so only @mentions will send notifications to members who haven’t set their own notification settings. A members personal notification setting will override it. Idk if anyone will see this as its 2yrs later. 

  • Azrael

    I mean it's really not that much effort, maybe like a minute or two tbh, and it wouldn't be a simple toggle because mutes are by user client not by overall server, you'd basically have to bake in muting channels for roles as well at that point which causes a lot of hassle for something that already has a solution built in for it.
    And yeah that channel was poorly set up

  • NikOnRampage

    How about the "private" checkbox on channel creation? Then just enable the roles you actually want to be able to see the channel and get notified by it. Am I mistaken here? Haven't heard any complains since I recreated the staff channels that way on my server.

  • Azrael

    From my understanding you can already do this server wide if you go to
    Server Settings > Overview
    Then scroll all the way down to dry it so it's "All messages" or "Only @ mentions", set it to "only @mentions"
    That way when a user joins for the first time they won't be getting a billion notifications

  • Shadow Martin-X

    There is this option that has been available for a while... Though preferably I would like to set this up by category/channel but hey, @everyone or @here exist for a reason.