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  • zettel

    see here (sorted by vote)

    this topic is basically a match winner feature but in comparison to other feature requests its not upvoted as it should. peace.

  • drayzen

    It becomes pretty clear when you sort by comments, more that double all but the top three.

    It doesn't make much sense that Quoting ranks second by Votes with >12k considering it's essentially one of the component features of threaded conversations...
    I think the Discord people need to get their heads straight and realise there's a much larger opportunity out there if they think about supporting more than just gamers.

  • Gretchen - GMCR25

    I too support the idea of threads. I think it's best, easier and neat to chat for a teamwork with multitasks purpose. If Discord consider this feature, it will surely be a blast! 

  • kuroe


    Remember to upvote the comments and the thread. That will help out as much as your comment.

  • real_ate

    @zettel @drayzen if you look at the list of feature suggestions you will see that all but one of the features with higher votes than this were submitted by "Nelly" 

    I reached out to Discord support and they said that "we only migrated over any idea with over 100 votes" and what that means is that the issues posted by "Nelly" are the ones that were migrated from their old feature request system

    The issue that I have with Discord on this is that I'm 100% sure that the previous "message threads" feature request had more than 100 votes.

    Also it means that this feature request is the second most voted request on the new platform! Personally I believe that warrants a response from Discord about it but sure what do I know?

  • Dyzalonius

    @Warlow Just like this: !!

  • Nikki meckymeck

    Hazel - lullabells, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Omi-Meeksadorable

    I agree with ZonderZorg threading will definitely make things easy rather than getting confused with multiple conversations happening all at once. With thread each conversation will be less confusing and more organized. It will be less frustrating too haha. Hope you take it into consideration! ☺

  • Jinn

    Would really love to see this feature!

  • jsmrcaga

    @straypet I really don't know how you used slack before, so I can't vouch in that context, but I've been using slack for over 4 years in quite different scenarios (group projects, startups, medium enterprises, communities) and since the release of threads every conversation has been a ton more organized. Discord is often used for gaming/software communities, and channels organized by topic, having threads would actually create a lower level of hierarchy : server -> groups -> channels -> threads.

  • Relense

    It is weird that this isn't a thing since loosing track of a conversation is one of the biggest problems. For instance if 2 different people write something and I want to reply to the first one. I will need to make evident that I am talking to that person in particular which is annoying. Please find a way for this!

  • Harini - hgjluvkwrld

    Personally, I think that threads are a great way to keep things organized!

  • iara

    I think having threads might be helpful if it can be activated/deactivated in server settings by owner/anyone with MANAGE_SERVER permissions or in the channel/category itself - so anyone who has a larger server can have some in some places.


    Personally, I'd like it in some channels but not all in my own server - probably the moderation channels where the mods gather and talk about different issues, so anyone with questions on announcements in that section can easily reply and everyone would know what's going on.

  • tally.bookman

    I can't believe there isn't AT LEAST a reply feature. I tried to use this incredibly common functionality about 10 minutes after first installing Discord. I was really impressed at first but man it's getting incredibly annoying. Threading would be even better, likely, but just some sort of reply function. Good god it's insane that is missing. What was the thinking behind not at least being able to "reply"?

  • Glenn McGrew

    I just started using Discord yesterday and, after using it for a while, I'm starting to get used to it, but...There is no branching (threads) ability.

    Slack has it, and I think it's important because otherwise Discord channels quickly become fragmented, conversations are hard to follow to their conclusion, and the channels are essentially one-dimensional. It's just like a chat room and that sucks.

    I would take the concept further than Slack, though, by offering multiple layers of branching, much like you see in forums, with menus to navigate.

    In addition, I do NOT like that Slack makes the presence of branches so small. I would like to see a more obvious indicator of branches off a channel.

    I use the word branch, as opposed to threads (which I've used for years), because it provides a better context than threads do. Threads can be part of a product, on a spool or unraveling or removed from a product.  It doesn't imply a connection between the main topic (of the channel) and the thread itself, whereas branch clearly implies that as there is no such thing as a spontaneous branch without a stem/trunk. ;)

    At this point, we can live without branching, but we really will need it later for various reasons, so I'll move to a different app at that time. Honestly, though, we need it now.

    On a related note, the feedback about quoting would be cool, too, but I don't agree that it's identical to branches

  • jf

    I reached out to Discord support to ask about this and why they are keeping silent on it. This was their response:

    Rest assured that silence doesn't mean that the team isn't reviewing the suggestions posted on the feedback page. The team still would like to keep some things as a surprise especially when they're not ready for release yet. Server folders, video chat, channel categories, and other key features in the app were once just feature requests, too. Even this year-old request about @mentions didn't get any official response until a few hours ago when the feature was actually launched:

    I'm so sorry again that I don't have any official word about message threads, but I'd like to think that anything is possible in the future.

  • Pia Glory_feeling2

    I'm just getting used to how Discord works but I would love to also see the use of threads if that is available! I'd approve of that option!


  • iara

    Yes please, I definitely want threading!

  • Jen - xxRazmatazxx

    Please add a treading option, it would make finding info so much faster.

  • Mariana MarianaCCunha

    Yeah, threads would facilitate a lot the communication in big groups!

  • Sara (Sara91Helal)

    I do support threads, they keep conversations much much more organised.

  • xkaydotx

    100% agree with having threads! I ❤ organisation!

  • Mary ~ MaryEstuardo2112 👑

    Definitely the threads would keep the conversations more organized, especially in large groups.

  • Elvin

    It looks a lot like Discord doesn't want this to happen. But why? 

  • darkwingD A N K

    Bump! I want this!

  • H4drien

    I run a discord server and this feauture is very much wanted

  • RunBuck

    For those that think its important, just remember to (1) scroll to top of page and (2) click the up arrow on the original post.  Talking about this button:

    Careful how you click.  If you double click it reverses the vote.  You can tell if you voted by clicking it and seeing if the # increases (haven't voted) or decreases (have voted)

  • yasonfyehald

    Bump - implement this immediately please discord!!!

  • shk

    Anybody who's been part of an active Discord community (especially moderating one) can attest, threads are one feature this application is in dire need of.  It gets to a point where actually tracking down the original messages everybody's replying to becomes so exhaustive users give up and just mute channels rather than deal with it.


    In other words, this is a basic feature virtually all comparable clients have at this point, and it kills a lot of momentum and user engagement when a server reaches a critical mass of activity.

  • SaltyPotato
    This could maybe be implemented as a way to easily link a previous message in your own message.