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  • yasonfyehald

    Bump - implement this immediately please discord!!!

  • vedma4ok

    Sounds good 

  • the_north_tree


  • Помидор

    very good 

  • Jatuce

    Odnoznachno +rep and i like it and podobnie slova, of course best of the best idea

  • cg3k

    cool! nice idea

  • hankified

    A reply button is soooo important especially in longer threaded conversations. 

  • Fields | Iron Bulls | 4546

    Still need this, our team is currently deciding between slack and discord, and slack is starting to gain the upper hand

  • DingoFnBaby

    This is a long overdue feature requested since 2016.. what's up discord product guys / devs?

    Servers with 1800 users all clamoring in the big group channels would reap massive benefit from this..


  • Deborah

    Is there a QA area so I can find out if I signed up on Discord correctly and learn how to use it.

  • Cash is king

    I agree with that. This would be a amazing Feature!

  • Fudge

    do this

  • Erik Hansen

    +1 bump for this feature.

  • Voldetort

    Well I think this design is backwards. The replies should live directly underneath the original comments like youtube or github or a number of other standard designs. 


  • Blitz (HTTP ERR 418)

    Yes! Yes! This is the #1 thing that keeps me on Slack, etc, for chatting with work friends / makes me want to use Slack for personal projects. Threaded chats are SO useful for having more involved discussions.

  • Maverick Wolfe

    What a bunch of loosers, You whine and ask for features that don't make sense for discord unless they add something like a skin feature. This would make much more sense. The discord feature has more than the lot of you whom are more than likely under 30 and have NO idea how unique discord really is. If you WANT this feature GO MAKE A FORUM BOARD, Then write a program that allows you to access that board... Or better yet Setup a BBS message board and use telnet to access it!

  • Val (trickycrayon)

    Mr. Wolfe, the point here is that threads would make Discord more usable for more people. From previous comments of yours, it appears that your opinion is that Discord should be for role playing only, which isn't what it's used for by the vast majority of people. In RP servers, it's not as though you would have to use threads. No one would force you to use them, it would just make it easier for the folks who wanted them. Go back to IRC if you're that opposed to more modern chat formats. Sheesh.

    Signed, a not-under-30-year-old who remembers the days of forums, but also knows how things work nowadays. 🙄

  • Klaus

    Still not done? Still on Slack.

  • Angel Angelic_Vamp

    @Maverick Wolfe Not sure why you're obsessed here if you hate us with the idea :/


    'This type of feature would COMPLETELY DESTROY Discord the way it was meant to be used and make the experience AWEFUL! Again, it would be VERY UGLY and VERY BULKY and destroy the EXPERIENCE AND ABILITY TO ROLEPLAY PROPERLY!'


    So all you care is RP and not think of other communities? Isn't that rude? I know majority might be RP users but gamers are also here and yet, you're excluding them?


    ''Think about it before you Upvote this completely stupid idea as it's not NEEDED OR WANTED BY THE RP COMMUNITY. Discord NEEDS to be it's own thing not something it was never designed to be! If you do NOT know how to create seperate catagories in your channel then you don't belong operating one!'


    Uh ok? We do make separate categories and channels but you do realize that still makes peoples' comments swamped with other peoples' comments? Hence, that's why they either missed your comment or too much discussion. I still not sure why you speak for the RP community when the RP people can speak for themselves?


    'If you want a forum type experience LEAVE DISCORD AND START A FORUM! I didn't realize there were people that don't have the brains to understand that seperate channels within the discord are the way it's meant to operate, it operate's precisely like a forum should... If you want seperate topics you seperate them and tell your users to use those channels simple as that'


    I mean, for us, we use to use Slack but there's a limit and money problem and other similar sites were same so Discord is the only right place. There's Discourse but that's not a storage place but rather good for only Forum types. Assuming we don't have brains you even know us and what we do in our servers? Are you sure we don't have brains? I mean we did make categories and channels that you wouldn't know and so are others which I don't understand you :/


    So in short, we know how to make separate categories, you don't really speak for RP community and you're really not thinking other communities. (Also I'm a RP and I for one voted this thread)



  • marimo🌸

    here's the thing - if threading is added, nobody is forced to use it. you could make it not the convention in your server if you please. but it would be really useful (I can really see a benefit in RP as well, like, keep side/ooc side conversations side barred.) 

    also, I'm 35 and was on BBS during my childhood, let's stop with the ageist BS 

  • MonsieurToque(Eliakir)

    This feature is a life saver on Slack. And i'm talking from a professional point of view. Let's face it, Slack sucks in a lot of ways but this feature is awesome. The company I work at is thinking of moving from Slack to Discord but the lack of this feature might refrain us from doing it...

  • Ep0cH73

    +1 for threading, a much needed feature.

  • Elliander

    I would also like to see this. Even for a small group, the ability to have threads just makes sense. For example, suppose you have a group of friends sharing their dreams. Rather than the moderator having to create a different chat room for each one, the users should be able to create their own sub-room for their "topic" as a subset of the text channel. Or, maybe even a new channel type that would have this behavior.


  • vinni3c



    it's totally what we need and would be nice if being add in the next update. but:

    i think it will be so much better if the reply button be outside the menu (next to the menu maybe) instead of being inside it.
    you know it will be harassing and take much time when you need to open menu to reply someone for several times in a channel or somewhere else...

  • Jason Ansley


  • Wolforce


  • zzzzzz

    This is my #1 feature request. I really really would love to see this in Discord.

  • SUPERMANcini

    +Maverick Wolfe I'd love to see threads as an option.  Being able to reply, but ONLY in a thread would be amazing for things like announcement channels that are meant to be kept clean.

  • zimeon

    Would like to see this feature as well. Something similar to mattermost could work out nicely.

    "Click the reply link (arrow icon) next to any message. This keeps conversations organized in threads. Replies are indented slightly in the center pane to indicate that they are child messages of a parent message."