Pin a DM with someone to the top of your DM list.


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  • thomasbnt

    Pin a message and a group.

  • ko-9

    Yes please make this!

  • Taupe

    It's a good feature, Discord can add it in a future update

  • almostsuspense
    yes! good idea
  • Lisad

    +1 we use Discord for work and one important group chat just keeps getting lost between the DMs

  • Niiue

    I'm surprised this wasn't already a feature.

  • maoman

    >Over a year and still not added
    This would be so fantastically useful and isn't even that complicated to implement. Now every time I hunt through my DMs to find my wife's DMs I'm gonna remember this post and get annoyed.

    Edit: TWO YEARS and still not added. Discord what is wrong with you?

  • Pegasus


    Group DMs get lost when there hasn't been a new message in a while.

  • oreoprince

    If possible, I would love this feature added. It's helpful to those who chat with others a lot or if you're in so many groups and you can't keep track of which one is the person you talk to before because most of them have similar nicknames/usernames!

  • Kazumi

    This would be amazing for people like me, I have a lot of friends and family in Japan,and their discord tags are in Japanese and having to switch between my default keyboard and my Japanese keyboard to find them gets tedious after a while so if they're just at the top of the list that would help a lot!! I can imagine others who are in a similar situation have a similar sentiment

  • Ren

    I would also love this feature. As a moderator of a medium-large Discord, I get all kinds of DMs from server members which I can't just close, lest I lose the ability to access them again if the member leaves the server in the future. That means that my DMs and group DMs with friends regularly get buried. The ability to pin (or sticky, or favorite) DM and group DM conversations so they stay at the top of the list would be awesome. 

  • nyanniversary

    Just thought of this idea and how useful it would be. It would be nice to stop multiple groupchats from slowly get buried by countless other dms, specifically ones that are typically used less frequently and intended for discussion rather than casual conversation. Maybe also a feature to color code the different groupchats/dms for better organization.

  • Sinn

    I'm surprised this wasn't a feature on day 1 and even more surprised that it isn't a feature today.

    I use Discord for most work-related communication and run a public server. Not being able to pin important DMs and group chats and often having to look for them is a pain.

  • omgtabby

    I've been thinking about this recently especially since I use discord for work, social, and game related! There are group chats and users who I want immediate access to due to it.

  • TaurusFire

    Should definitely be a thing! :)

  • evelynn_fox

    hey I'm gonna bump this post because I've been thinking recently how annoying it is that some of my best friends on Discord have been dropping lower and lower in my DM list, to the point where I'm neglecting to message them


    I'm neurodivergent and I struggle with juggling relationships, a feature like this would go a long way towards helping with that, just a list of folks I can remember to message every couple of days


    I don't need ANOTHER Discord server just for "Evelyn's Friends", this would be ideal and more intimate

  • iamwhitelights

    Please, it's so hard when you use Discord for work and can't favorite certain DMs like you can in Slack. This is a really sorely missed feature for ex-Slack users.

  • Cheezmo

    Not to keep digging up an old thread, but this is still sorely needed.

  • The Minecraft guy

    I really really want this! I want to be able to comfortably find my most important DMs at the top (s/o, friends, etc.)

  • Cold Coffee

    pwease it's been 3 years and this is very useful :(

  • PrincessKitti


  • yoda

    Sorely needed. Using discord for work and this is pressuring my teams to go back to slack. 

  • maoman

    Seriously? Come ON, Discord. Even the texting app on my phone lets me pin conversations. You already have fifty other things crammed into the right-click menu, just stick the option in there.

    My wife and I just gave up and made a private server that we just use the same way we used DMs, except now, guess what? I can put it at the top of my server list and it f--king stays there.

  • [OPP]SuperCow

    Bump. I would love this feature. 

  • scsa20

    Why is this still not a thing? It would be much easier for me to pin DMs and group DMs in place so I can easily find them instead of scrolling through all of them just to miss it because a friend decided to change their screen name forcing me to find them in a server and doing the message that way.

  • Werewolf Vincent 🐺

    When Discord have Pin DM

  • TinyKawaiiSatan

    Its crazy we still dont have this! Please make this a thing.

    I use Discord as my main method of communication with clients, but I also use it to talk to friends. It'd be great to pin clients to the top  of my messages so I dont accidentally lose them in the masses!