no cellphone to verify


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  • smile.glitch

    i agree, this is really unfair for people who dont have a cell phone number. why cant they just use email or landline???

  • acronaut1

    This looks promising..


    I just verifyed my new google account & it sented me the samething & I just started that account how did it expire that fast fix this problem now!

  • ary

    I really need to get back into my account

  • I-lost

    i need my acc bc I need to talk to my friends I feel very lonely and I don't like being alone I need to talk to my gf really bad but I can bc i don't have a phone number



    Love Discord, if you don't have a phone and think you are acting sus on your account with no proof, buy a phone for 300 and a plan for a verification that lasts a minute. Just let me do it by email bc not everyone can afford a phone. For people to say "but you can afford a computer" The thing is I can have more uses and not having to break it by dropping it on the ground constantly, I can buy and it will last for much longer than a phone and can do way more. 

  • InfernoDeity

    Not to mention the fact that a computer is (relatively) a one-time cost.

  • wet dream

    there should be its dumb

  • Glykon

    i already had my phone binded to my account and now that i dont have my phone with me this sht wanna ask me for  a verification code like wtf

  • God123gglol

    bro I am 16 and I need to be 18 to get a phone number bruh I lost my account and there is no other option I need phone number to get it back


  • ! ᶻz﹒﹒ ﹒ sleepy

    why do i need to verify with my phone number i have nitro on this account and i have many things unlocked i dont have a phone only a computer they're i dont do anything other than come only and chat with my friends i dont have any other platform to talk to them on

  • SilverSong

    I don't have a phone and I got locked out of my account. It's been 3 years since this forum started and Discord hasn't done anything about it. This is awful :(

  • Rayden silver

    I was just blocked out of my account for not verifying my phone number which i cant because i don't own a cellphone i really hope discord can fix this in time

  • CATboardBETA

    For the second time, I've been blocked out of my account. Last time I had to create a new account, but it was okay because I didn't have a huge social presence. Now I have a massive one, and my current discord account (CATboardBETA#0080) is linked to quite a few things. I'm starting to consider switching to another tool, or talking with the developer of Concord about getting that project back going.

  • viroodiem

    I think you all misunderstand the apathy here. Its not that they cannot fix the problem. They created the problem. They are never going to fix it because the purpose to implement this has NEVER been about "creating safety". It is and has always been about exploiting content creators and server admins into helping them creating a database of cellular tracking data of its users. This does NOTHING to protect anyone.


    This is why this has been an issue with discord for at least the 3 years that discord forums have had people making this same complaint. Its not a technical problem they cant code. It is not a policy issue they cant adjust. It is not a security issue that they cannot provide for a logical alternative means of verification. They have known of this issue for years and have made no meaningful steps to correct it and they are not going to.


    So if you still have access to discord (I still do but who knows for how long with policy escalation) make sure you dont do logical security things like use a VPN on the same machine as you use discord cause if you get stuck behind this verification, all signs point to there being no method of getting out from behind the wall. As for servers requiring this ridiculous level of security, your only hope is to speak to the respective server admin and get them to understand why this is a problem. If you have any method of even communicating with them at all.

  • RedDwarf

    This is utterly stupid. I have downloaded Discord, installed it and added a server and now it tells me that I must verify the account using a mobile. I do not own and never will own a mobile phone! They have been proven to be dangerous to health and I refuse to use them.

    Why is there no other method to verify the account? Mobiles are throw away and are not a useful method to verify anything. It looks like Discord only wants to use the numbers to sell to spammers.

    Landlines are a much more secure way to verify an account if that was really necessary. Most landlines can accept text messages.

    Plus why is it necessary to keep having to verify EVERYTHING? They even want to verify the IP address by sending emails. This seems totally OTT. A small number of people cause problems, people who have no difficulty getting around this kind of thing and it just causes legitimate users problems.

    It looks like uninstalling Discord is the only option because it does not look like I can use it. It is just too much hassle.

  • KyubuSuisei

    I think what Viroodiem say is correct. The fact's that you all yawning about something that has to be fixed meant nothing to Discord at all. I mean like the fact you asking Discord to restrict opt out-phone number is literally impossible.(perhap in the future) but most likely not. Speaking of Lock Down : " If you all don't have an phone I would assure it could because of your age/restrict from your parent or perhaps you can't afford one? LMFAO /jk kinda offensive I guess. 

    Well I do have some method suggestion at the moment that can be useful (kinda)

    1. You can ask KINDLY ask your sibling & family or friend in general (those who have an phone) for an verification code ... ( just an headup  : don't REMOVE the phone number after placing it in or ELSE your would be lock out again.

    2.  You can write an ticket and explain the situation to support team on discord. If you just incidental 1-2 sentence I'm pretty sure it an decline. 


    Tell them how Important your friends and socializing meant to you. 

    3. Lastly if none above can be successful, I would highly recommend memorize most of your friend, server, file and relocated them into an new account. 

    I know how it affect your social health but it alrighty it an just an dramatic change in your account security. Nothing to big as an problem...

    - By the way I am 100% not trying to be an meanie. I'm trying to HELP.






  • RedDwarf

    I stated why I do not have a mobile, because I will not risk my health by owning or using one. I am fully aware of the risks and why that risk exists and chronic stress & not being able to express emotions create the risk because it changes the nervous system which affects the immune system regulation in the brain and kidneys. It also creates risk of kidney disease as well.

    I have been aware of this for thirty years, own my own home and my parents are both dead.

    Discord has been uninstalled and deleted from my drive. I will not be back. For anyone who has problems with mobile verification, be satisfied that you are not at high risk of a brain tumour unlike people who follow like sheep.

  • Teru

    I got locked out after i talked to someone about CRK :((

  • ryuk

    this is stupid i have no phone i made so many freinds on discord now i have to verify BY PHONE i dont have a mobile phone make it by email discord i hate this

  • Joestxr

    Discord I beg of you, please find some other way to verify. I got locked out of my account for absolutely no reason at all, telling me that I have “suspicious activity going on” and asking that I verify by phone. Can you please make it to where we can verify by email? Or Captcha? Something that isn’t a phone number please! Thank you to whoever reads this.

    ~ Mochii

  • Minty Draws

    I hate this discord phone verification thing i got locked out for no reason to i was messaging a friend about a game we worked on together. and it locked me out when i said "Hi" and it wont let me create anymore acc's because it keeps locking me out. this is the only acc i got left. since it has nitro it has not gotten locked yet. and the thing discord did is said we added this for a reason. do it like roblox were you get a warning and stuff and you can click I agree to reactivate your account. I have good friends on there and I use discord all the time I grew up using discord as a social media it was the 2nd social media i ever used and used it since 2016. and no one will let me use there number

    SWITCH TO GUILDED IF Discord is going to be this stupid. they are better and you dont need to enter a phonenumber. you only need to do it when your setting up a payment acc for role stuff. 

  • TheRealJakeFromStateFarm

    I also got locked out of my account this is pure stupidity the fact that discord does not have some other way to verify really disappoints me. send another verification email. or hell even do google meet if thats what it takes.

    And to those saying "Switch to guild" I cannot because my interests are not on guild (GeoPol) 

    So please discord fix this 

  • ButterflyLOVER

    I need to verify my acc and I DONT GOT A PHONE can we just get emails


  • Nermal242

    Begging unfortunately won't bring you anywhere. The Discord staff ARE aware of it, but they don't want to fix it. In fact they only make it worse, and ignore any of our complaints. For example now you need to press a blue button saying "Start Verification" and then you know if you got phone or email verification, they made that change on PURPOSE, although nothing of this helps stopping bots and only causes trouble for humans. I might want to switch to Guilded, but making servers isn't really a thing yet.

  • Broken Uchiha

    I hate discord for this!!!

  • Dušan.

    I've lost two good friends on discord because of this.
    Verification through email should be enough. There is no real reason that it needs to be through a cellphone. All it does is alienate people.

    Please, Discord. If by some off-chance you are actually paying attention; please fix this for your userbase.

  • djchris

    me too I don't have a phone or a phone number I had good friends in it and now all gone I just wish that discord had a way to verify without phone number


  • djchris

    I typed a discord account thats fake so I wanted a actual account because without a actual account I can,t join other server for that I need account verification so I put my actual account but now its showing phone number verification so I tried to go into my fake discord account and Its showing the same thing.


  • djchris

    my fake account still works