"Solve a Captcha" verification levels.


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  • Nisse

    This ought to already be praxis. In addition, the five-minute Verification level is laughably low - anyone has the patience to wait for five minutes after creating a new account if they're ready to spam your general chat with gore.

  • Zacatero
    You can do this with bots such as Auttaja
  • zleet

    I'd love to see this built in to discord (instead of using bots)!!

  • Rholentless

    My husband is trying to create his account in Discord but it keeps resending him to “solve a captcha”. I think we’ve done about 20 of these so far today. And his account is still not created. Quite annoying. Especially when I created my account just fine 5 minutes prior. Smh

  • index.ts
    That would be cool to have in verification settings!
  • CaptainSonic

    I honestly don't understand why this hasn't been implemented ages ago. We seriously need this.

  • /home/lesnake


    I know and use it already. But i want it in Discord

  • DMCPEPlaysOfficial

    Sadly, this feature is currently unavailable on Discord. Just add a bot that authenticates somebody isn't an automated account like RoVer for a ROBLOX server or AltDentifier.

  • sylveon

    You can already require mobile phone verification, but I do think a CAPTCHA could be a good idea.

    reCAPTCHA is just a little trick by Google to get their data enriched for free though...

  • mattari

    I love this idea and will be shamelessly backing it on behalf of r/DiscordServers and my own server. Fingers crossed, they'll do this.

  • Hydro

    I've seen so many raids and this would end them all.

    To be honest, Discord should shut down and delete all raid servers, bots and raiders.


    Is it possible to prevent somebody from using an email to create an account. Like let's say bobsteve@gmail.com is a raider. (Not real account) Discord could prevent him using that account to make a discord user.


    It would be a lot of hassle though.


    I back this idea 100%


    Also they could make it so that only certain members can add/delete bots.


  • karl-police

    I support this suggestion! A built in captcha verification is a good solution.


    For now at the moment, there are bots that support it. But not every bot supports all the things you want. Incase someone is looking to add such a feature immediately.

  • Pinhel

    Captcha inventors should be beheaded, it is the most annoying thing on internet. just took me 20 min to f..g manage to login back to discord after a re-instalation. Oh. no.. I STIULL F>>G TRYING TO F>>G LOGIN ON THE F>>G DESKTOP PROGRAM!!

  • Malice

    Captcha must be only when creating account, not at the login.

    If you are moron, who want this at login — go play crazy captchas quiz or some.

  • ASFD


    Captcha must be only when creating account, not at the login.

    Captchas can show while logging in and creating account.