flagged account "verify by phone"


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  • fortissim2

    been using discord for almost 2 years now, and now it all ends because i don't have a phone number. ok then

    glad i'm not the only one with this issue, why can't they use something like captcha or use a math equation thing

  • worm

    I've been using discord for 2 years now, I'm having fun with my friends and now I can't use my discord from this verify phone. I tried 45 phone numbers and none of them work.



  • Brumbpo

    I'd like to add that according to the support articles, you cannot use prepaid burner SIM cards to verify your account. This is not true, however. I managed to verify my account using a burner number.


    Anyway, don't hold our private information hostage, that's not okay, Discord.;

  • ~hoodchim~

    I know I am like 3 years late or something but I got the same problem too and I can't log back in :/

  • Wassuh CUH

    Dude they really need to fix this


  • hehehehehehehehe1200

    i had discord just one week ago and my acc is flagged????

    pls help me!

    from the philippines

  • hehehehehehehehe1200

    well this is what they said

    Hi hehehehehehehehe1200,

    Your request (9056130) has been updated. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.

    The Discord Team


    Esmund (Discord)

    Sep 17, 2020, 18:29 PDT

    Hi Tyler‍,

    I just checked with my team, and upon review of your account, it appears that our detection system has triggered successfully and we will not be removing the phone verification requirement on your account. You'll be required to register a phone number to your Discord account in order to continue the use of it.

    It's possible that our system detected that you were using a VPN or proxy that was shared with other bad actors, which is why our system flagged your account. However, for privacy reasons, we're not able to share the specifics of the inner workings of our system.

    On the other hand, if you're seeing an invalid number error, would the number that you've attempted to confirm be a landline or VOIP phone by any chance or have you already tried to verify this phone number recently for a different account? VOIP and landlines are not compatible with our verification system.

    Otherwise, if you have recently attempted to verify this number already, our system will put a timeout on a number from being used again for anti-abuse purposes. You will need to wait for the end of the timeout to use the number once more or use a different number to verify the account. Because the system automatically detects and generates a timeout period when a phone number has been used multiple times to verify an account, there is no exact ETA for when the number will be available to verify another account.

    If that's not the case, let me know what number you're trying to register and I'll double-check in our system.





    Sep 17, 2020, 17:47 PDT

    [image: Discord 09_18_2020 8_38_48 AM.png]

    Well I have a problem.Why is discord saying there is something wrong here

    Pls fix this immediately. Thanks!
    Discord 09_18_2020 8_38_48 AM.png

    Discord 09_18_2020 8_38_48 AM.png

  • O_Shadow

    i just got locked out of my account for this reason. i dont even have a number so how do i get back in


  • O_Shadow

    how do i register a number to my account if i am logged out someone help if you know how

  • Starlight

    just got locked out because of this too. I submitted a ticket but doubt I will get a response based one what people are saying here

  • marysia_228

    I got same issue yesterday. Well i have phon and i tried to verif it but i got non stupid code. I tried also with my parents phone and nothing happend. WTF Discord FIX it !!!!!!!?

  • dank flute guy

    This same thing has happened to me too! Is anyone having any luck? I submitted a ticket, so I'm hoping they'll answer.

  • Ner0

    My account from 2016 now needs phone verification????? Use e-mail as an option like every other website

  • Zcomet47¤The Son

    Has anyone over the course of these three years actually solved it? It's not letting me use my phone number anymore.

  • Nermal242

    Why not doing Recaptcha verification? Discord haves Captcha when logging in so why not for verification doing recaptcha instead of phone verification? 

  • 狐 Miryoki

    Same problem here, they seem like they dont care about ther users at all.


  • Ch0mp3rr

    I got logged out of my main account the other day and I dont have a phone and support was no help I think they should add verify my email ik the phone thing is to prevent bots or something but like seriously discord I have been using your application for a year and im treated with this discord this is just dumb.

  • ✫マリア✫

    Ahhhh! I did not know anyone else had this issue. I don't have a phone and Idk what to do. And I don't think discord has fixed this yet. I am so angry, I used this app everyday and now I can't use it at all. Please help!

  • andy1205

    anyone help? anyone fix this issue? i cannot log in my account

  • Mr. BreadYT

    I need help I got flagged and my friends are going to think I killed myself

  • Ch0mp3rr

    roy make a alt account and tell your friends that your account got flagged.

  • Blue Ribbon Rock

    yea I think I might just have to switch to cisco webex


  • Queen Bri 🌸

    This is really frustrating. I currently do not have a phone and discord insists I use a phone number to get back in. What is this???

  • ᲼᲼᲼

    What have we done? Why do we have to enter our phone number! Haven't we already verified WITH OUR EMAILS???

  • Kayy😍‼

    My parents are very strict and will not let me have a phone until Freshman year of high school which is next year. Like- dude, discord assumes everyone has a phone.

  • Ceapa

    This isnt a very smart approach.

    I understand the fact that they have to verify, but your phone dosent do anything. Use *67 on text messages and boom! You can use the same number for hundreds of accounts! 

    I lost my account telling me i needed to verify after joining servers rapidly. 
    I dont have a phone. I am using a school laptop to use discord, my parents cant afford a phone for me.

    If your in the same situation i am, heres what i would suggest:

    - Make an alt, and try contacting all your friends

    If you use discord for very important purposes like i do, i would suggest going to contact support. I did, and i havent heard back yet. I can still see my pings, i have like 40 pings to respond to :(

    I tried using textfree, but the first time it worked, but it didnt send me the code. After, it just didnt work :(

    Remove this, please. I cant afford a phone plan. And respond to my support emails.

  • Kit isn't So-Fit

    Hello I recently logged on to my discord account and I need to verify my phone. after entering in my phone number, no code was sent to me. I decided to verify using my email but there wasn't an option to do that.  now I'm stuck on the phone verification page. I would appreciate if you can fix this I would really want to regain access to my account again. 

  • Hs!

    I know! discord is actually so annoying! i have no other means of contact for my friends and i cant sign into my alt either. i recently had my ip changed because of a DDOS attack. now i cant use discord. or talk to any of my friends. they really need to fix this crap. even after 3 years this is still going on!

  • devel

    I got this thing, it's annoying. Will support ever respond?

  • աɦɨȶɛʀǟʊ

    only certain servers require phone verification.  and, YES, it is utterly disgusting that they are forcing this.  many of us don't use a bloody phone for Discord, preferring to, or needing to, use the browser.  but then since when do we expect Discord to respect users?  invasive, snooping, data-raping, suminabatches....