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  • Toxie Cookie

    THIS, especially now that the button I've been using to mute/unmute myself is the "previous" button on my mouse (which I've never used for this function ever in any app or program) and this damn button is now doing "previous DM/text channel" on discord, which is a PAIN, AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE THAT I CANT EVEN STOP EVEN BY USING A THIRD PARTY PROGRAM TO DISABLE THE "PREVIOUS" FUNCTION ON MY MOUSE THAT WORKS ON ANY OTHER PROGRAM. /rage

  • Shy FX

    I dont understand why this hasnt been implemented yet lol. Shouldve been right alongside it upon development.

  • Togra_blah

    Feel free to skip to the TL/DR at the bottom....

    I just accidentally started a Call in a private DM by pressing the hotkey combination, myself.

    It freaked me out because I manually disabled all the user-configured Keybinds in Discord in an attempt to avoid this very situation.

    Yes, I would like to never miss the keys I'm aiming for on the keyboard...… but since that is..... somewhat unlikely..... I would at least like to, as able, prevent the wrong combination of key presses causing an undesired result - even Microsoft lets you turn off those shortcuts for Sticky Keys and the like as per https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/115391-turn-off-sticky-keys-windows-10-a.html

    I did something similar once before in Discord and accidentally opened the Console with Ctrl+Shift+I which really worried me since I had no idea what I had done to open it and it looked like something one needed to be careful with - props on the provided warnings when opening the Console, but opening it by accident..... not knowing it existed.... was rather frightening.

    I had to google around and finally found https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001239472-Troubleshooting-Console-Log-Errors which alleviated my concerns..... but it was not a positive experience for someone who's somewhat of a worrier in regards to PC security!

    TL/DR: Please let us disable the built in "Keyboard Combos" aka hotkey functions!

    There's a hotkey for just about everything else.... https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/225977308--Windows-Discord-Hotkeys ... what's one more to toggle them all on and off? :)

  • 💞 ᴀɴɴᴀᴊᴇᴀɴ 💞

    I totally agree!!!!

  • Woulfgang

    I agree. I want there to be a toggle button to turn off all hot key functions.

    There's a reason the CTRL+ALT+DELETE function use keys on opposite ends of the keyboard. So you don't Accidentally use the feature..

  • WickedRaptor. Judgement Nut

    YES! this is such an oversight on discords part, especially when you're trying to get a symbol (from holding down alt and pressing on the numpad) and one of the hotkeys

  • Tal

    Count me in on wanting the ability to turn them off, too. Getting real tired of performing accidental calls when I fumble my keystrokes...

  • Kat

    For the love of everything holy and our sanity, give us a way to disable the stupid keyboard shortcuts...

  • Aerulight

    I have gone to the Keybinds menu and assigned the (CTRL+') keybind, which starts a call, to Unassigned.
    It does indeed say in red text underneath:
    "This conflicts with a built-in shortcut. We have disabled the built-in shortcut."
    It also says in amber text at the top of the menu:
    "Keybinds are disabled while this panel is visible."

    BOTH are NOT true. A call is still triggered when pressing (CTRL+') while the keybind menu panel is visible and after I assign it to Unassigned. There is no way to disable this horrid shortcut. 

    Please Discord, make it stop, make it possible to turn it off/customize to our own needs. 

  • Jethred

    This is important.

  • SpeedyDoggo

    After an update I can't type special characters anymore. I'm bilingual and can't type in German while using discord anymore. It just takes me to another channel.

  • hadron

    In the Linux X-server, Ctrl-Alt-u allows the user to type any Unicode character. This works globally, including the Discord desktop app, with one exception. When using Discord with a web browser, that key combo is remapped to "upload file". 

    I didn't even know the Discord key combos existed until I read this thread, and looking at them, I really have no intention of using any of them -- particularly the one that steals my Unicode character entry. I would really like to be able to turn them off, or remap them to something the X-server does not use.

    Preferably, that would be done on a per-item basis, in the user settings.

  • RoyalBlueRanger

    I totally agree.  There should be an option to disable or remap each hotkey.  This has caused numerous problems and I've considered going back to skype because of this shortcoming.


    It now appears in the latest release there isn't even an App Setting for hotkeys anymore.  Wait... was there ever? I was thinking there was.  You now have to google to figure out that you must use a hotkey (ctrl-/) to display all of the hotkeys?  Like that's not obtuse, right?  Why hide them?  Why not provide a way to disable them? If there is an option to disable them, then there would be a way to find them within the user settings and not have to rely on good ol' google in the first place.


    So, if you're reading this and your a developer, or may have the ear of a developer for Discord, then please consider that this may be something many users would greatly appreciate, and a great way to reduce the rage factor associated with discord.  Thanks!


    Edit: Wait... within the hotkey menu you have to horizontally scroll to see all the possible bindings?  Horizontal scrolling with hidden scroll bars (the scroll bars do not even appear unless the mouse is hovering over it).  So if you are checking out the all the hotkey bindings, make sure you you've seen all four columns.

  • Mug-why

    +1 to previous comment. (CTRL + ') is impossible to disable, voice call starts anyway even if you are in keybinds menu. Please fix it.

  • maggiekarp

    Echoing everyone else here, I'm getting really sick of accidentally starting a call because I pressed the language switch key, and then having to race to cancel it and apologize for the 57th time. Please, please add an option to disable hotkeys. I have never once actually used them. It's a simple fix, yet would improve the usability of Discord for so many people.

  • xbot

    Bumping this issue: "right alt" is the default compose key on many linux distros, meaning the "acute accent" dead key is right-alt + '.


    A number of laptop keyboards have no key separating the right alt and the right control, so it's easy to rip when trying to type... literally any vowel with an acute accent (and even some consonants, though I'm not personally a Basque or Pashto writer they use ŕ, ǵ and ź according to the wiki) and trigger a voice call when you were in the middle of writing a message.

  • Sturdy

    How has this been up for 2 years and still no results? Bump. 

  • Esteban





  • The Unknown Ethereal

    hoping this will be patched soon.
    I cannot count how many times have I accidentally called someone I didn't mean to, by wanting to press shift. 

  • moon_creature07

    Hi sorry I know this is a year old but I just had this same experience. My boyfriend was sleeping and I woke him up by trying to switch languages and type an accent in Spanish and accidentally pressing the hotkey for starting a call in a DM. This also woke up his parents and got him in serious trouble and now he's pissed at me. However, I tried making the keybind to disable this and I'm pretty sure it worked, so at least the hotkeys are customizable now, even if we can't disable the hotkeys altogether.

    Still. Discord if you could please create a way to turn off all hotkeys it would be GREATLY appreciated. This shortcut worked for me but it hasn't worked for everyone so it would be really nice to have that option. Thanks.

  • sushideath

    This is an urgent accessibility issue. Dear Discord team, please implement the ability to disable Keybinds ASAP.

  • kvbik

    Navigate forward and backward in page history: OPT+left arrow; OPT+right arrow

    This actually conflicts with jumping over words in the default textarea (it is a default all over text editors). One more reason to either disable or change the behaviour. Thx to the Discord team for an awesome work!

  • MOR

    Ridiculous that this is still a thing.
    Let us toggle all shortcuts off! Or disable them one by one!
    Either way this is a big THUMBS DOWN for lack of user choice. 

  • Crysti

    Bumping, I'm notorious for "butt dialing" on discord thanks to these "features." at the very least let us disable CALL.

  • Xon.d

    Discord team, that's really NOT FUNNY  -- it's been 2 years since the first message in this topic and you still haven't added the option to turn off keybinds. I don't want to have discord appear when I press shift+` in my game. 
    Why does even discord think that this input is addressed to him? It's in-game input.

  • BitterMause

    Good to know I'm not the only one fed up and disappointed that there has been little concern and response from the Discord team. As careful as I try to be, I end up hitting the hotkey for 'start call in private message' at least once a month due to my fingers accidentally sliding over the laptop keys.
        So hey Discord crew, if you can't be bothered to implement a disable option for these hotkeys, can you at least explain why you can't right away? Not that it would help your case at present since this thread started two years ago, but some attention to this would be phenomenal. I'd hate to make shitty assumptions, but this is not a good look for you guys right now. It seems like such a simple detail compared to adding more 'Nitro' Features, Bandwith Boosting, and a fancy new log in page design. Give us something.

  • Dioxazine

    The only shortcut I frequently use is ESC to mark things as read. I do this to bypass the bug where discord continually flags old shit as unread all day long.

    Windows has an app for building custom keyboard layouts, which include the use of CTRL+SHIFT and ALT+SHIFT to add additional characters to your repertoire. I use this to quickly write math/physics characters like Δ ≠ σ Ʃ, etc without having to use tertiary tools or memorize unicode numbers.

    Discord's hotkeys breaks about half of these by overriding them with the ability to jump into unasked for voice calls while muting/deafening myself and somehow flying over to the spam subchannel of a server I only joined for the emoji.

    Please include options to disable some or all of these built-in shortcuts.

  • CoderAtLarge

    Yes!! Exactly!! I also use OPT + left/right arrow, I use it ALL THE TIME. It's so incredibly maddening that there's no feature to disable the f******* hotkeys!! *table flip*

  • blazerules

    Jesus christ please let me disable starting a call shortcut. I sweat to god I hit it more than I should. And I don't even know what the actual shortcut is. I just know I trigger it every now and then and get a mini panic attack because oh god why.

  • Marmo

    Really hate how often I see forum posts from over a year ago with tons of people talking about how great it would be yet there's still no change.