New Permission: "Assign Roles"


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  • DeveloperMaxx


  • xotiic

    This is a great idea!

  • Snivy Films

    You know what's funny about that, BOTs can do that so easily, just get a common bot and boom your set

  • RikaRoleplay

    These changes would be a game changer for discord, I was surprised when I was setting up servers, I had to rely on bots that didn't exactly do what I needed.  What I needed was a further breakdown of the permissions, specifically Manage Roles, since I don't want them creating new roles or such.  I need members to assign a tag that would allow people to @ them, but then remove it when they are done with it since it is a tag lower than their main discord tag. 

    Similarly, having a Role that is better for moderators to individually change ranks of other members as long as their "mod" rank is higher than the rank they are giving or taking away would be a simple fix in my eyes compared to how many bots do it, which sometimes leads to someone you didn't intend on giving power, able to give anyone a role higher than themselves, including themselves, then basically troll and delete everything.  

    This is especially true when setting up such perms for a public server.  I hope these changes written by Shibiko ar implemented within the next few months, as it would for the most part remove the dependencies my communities have on other applications besides discord.  

  • whimsyy

    I think that would be a really good idea- as someone who owns a server with 200+ users, it could be really helpful to be able to assign this for any new users that join, so the moderators could easily assign roles, without the risk of any role titles being changed etc. I like this idea a lot.

  • T_Ray_TV

    This is a great idea.  This would allow low level managers (like Moderators) to be more useful without giving them the opportunity to screw everything up, accidentally or otherwise.

  • JPBBerry

    This can be done via bots such as mee6 with commands, or some fancy bots let you use reactions. Currently I couldn't see this being an actual feature of Discord because it's pretty use casey. But there's nothing a good ol' bot can't fix :P

  • Drake

    MEE6, Dyno, and most other bots that have these features.

  • Seraph

    It's absolutely absurd that this isn't already the case. Not only can they adjust roles beneath them globally, but they can actually go into a particular channel and then give themselves permission that they shouldn't have. Only way around this is to either not assign that permission or to disabled manage permissions in every channel, in which case, what's even the point.

    "Manage Roles" was definitely not thought out well. We need adjust roles.

  • vodiN

    +1 valve, pls fix

  • Nosta


    Add a Permission that grant power to add/remove role to other member.
    and a permission that grant power to edit configuration in a role.

  • MaDMardigan

    I tried a workaround to get an similar result. so i created a role "promoter" just over the role i wanted them to promote to. unfortunately if i a assign the role to someone with a higher role, the "promoter" role will also allow them to promote to the higher roles. 

    Even the workaround using the role hierarchic system doesnt work because it doesnt allow you to edit roles just to this new role. :(
    So we definitely need some  better role management. I want other people helping me to assign roles to new members but i dont want them to edit and promote to every role!

    vote for this :)

  • NoMercies

    Would like to see a delete roles perm added as well ^

  • borntodostuff

    This would be incredibly useful for several communities I am a part of

  • AdamTest

    This should be a fundamental Permission. I only one one or two people creating roles, but many community leaders can assign roles to delegate that task. Please split these out as two Permissions!

  • Zyfor

    I would love to have that functionality, have been searching it forever because I expected it to exist since there are so many settings.

    Also I could have overlooked and navigated them way easier if the categories were collapsible or sepated in tabs.

  • boss
    Love it
  • VitorCS

    I'm really needing something like that in my server. Using bots to assign roles is just not ideal

  • almostsuspense
    it could be a cool feature to add
  • Nightworker

    That would be nice. But you can already do this with bots (like dyno)

  • Ava the Snow Leopard

    Yes I seriously need this for my server. Googled hoping it was somehow already possible.

  • Maniac

    I can't believe this isn't a feature either... +1.

  • T_Ray_TV

    Nicholas, Where did you go?

  • Wolfhound1

    Great idea, hope discord implements this.

  • Ènki

    Honestly, why was this not already a thing?  Any role-based permission system should have this.

  • downforce

    I'd love to see this functionality added, as it creates a management nightmare. We have a manual approval process to get roles assigned, based on verification of in-game identify.

    Use case:

    • "Admins" create and define the permissions of a role (4 admins on the server)
    • "Officers" assign roles to users as they join the server. (15+ Officers on the server)

    We have a Discord of ~350 users and it's an erroneous task to leave with just the admins.


  • Mintaz

    "Oops, I accidentally clicked delete, now you have to give all those 4,000 Server Members back their Role"


    Yea, so that happened to me couple days ago. One mod account got hacked, and the hacker deleted everything he could, including 5k+ ranks based on whitelisting on game server. So yeah, why isn't it already a thing?

  • Skatlock

    I thought this was already a thing until just recently when I was setting up a new server for someone. Did Discord change this permission in the last year and half? I could have sworn it used to be a thing. Please implement this Discord. We do not need our moderators editing the permissions of roles below them.

  • Bauer5266

    We definitely need to split the "assign role" and "edit roles" security inside our servers. You cannot trust people won't destroy your discord.