Testing mic in the settings



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  • Sh4rK


    I know this feature is now implemented, however it is less useful than it could be. Currently, when you enable mic testing, the sound from the mic is played back continuously, regardless of whether the volume is above the activation level or not. A checkbox or something could be added to the test to play back exactly what others would here with the current settings.

  • Tmt


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  • Minnie Cornette

    It's important to test your microphone in the settings of voice chat programs like Mumble, Teamspeak, or Ventrilo before joining a chat. This allows you to avoid disturbing others with loud noises while adjusting your mic. Moreover, utilizing a Mic Test tool or an online mic test website can assist in verifying the quality of your microphone and making necessary adjustments for an optimal chat experience. While the activation bar indicates if your mic is working, testing in the settings enables you to adjust the volume and other settings to ensure clear communication with your fellow chat participants.