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  • Dna

    Still confused why this hasn't been added as a feature after all these months. Please make this happen!

  • ThonkSmart™


  • Jackie💜

    This would be a great addition. It's hard to see why it hasn't been added yet. It's also ironic since the media library say it will import games "regardless of where you got them" which is clearly not even remotely true for most people. They either need to implement this idea, or greatly improve their importer - whichever comes first and easiest to them.

  • Gruntok

    Keeping this alive, I have a ton of games that aren't steam or whatever.

  • Nixian

    Yup, I agree, this feature would be really useful, we need that right now!

  • Arctursus12

    I had to disable overlay altogether because it wasn't working with WoW properly. And there's no going to library cause is never there.

  • Jaymauldrifter

    this would be really helpful

  • TheNamesKyle

    Please add this feature. Alt Tabbing is supposed to be dead, don't bring it back discord T.T

  • Ghiby

    yes, this feature is a must... I'm amazed so see how come it's not yet added to the broad list of existing features...

  • TobyWilliamson

    ... is this seriously not possible yet?

  • DS Rusty



    Please add this feature

  • Knoppox

    Looking for this feature plz

  • Reki657

    Please add this feature please!!


  • Vhenzor

    Please add this


  • Ketheres

    Still haven't added this :(

  • Droggelbecher

    Anyone relevant reading these threads? Still doesn't get my Minecraft installation :(

  • pan

    Droggel, looking at how old this thread is and others asking for the same thing, it would appear Discord is about as responsive as MOST game publishers and either don't care what customers ask for or ignore what we ask for. Either way, it is a bad way to do business.


  • l1fef0rm

    I won't use Discord until this is a feature.  Till then it is just ANOTHER launcher on the stack.  insane that I can't choose where I want to install MY games to use your service.

  • iFire

    I need this so much please add discord :(

  • greyrat

    I agree; this feature is a must.

    I've got two devices with games installed on both;

    On my desktop Minecraft is detected within library but not detected by activity.

    On my laptop Minecraft isn't detected within library but is detected by activity.

    Meanwhile Origin is hit or miss and games are never detected.

  • Jitse_w

    Hello everyone!

    You can actually do this:

    - Go to your user settings (next to your name left under)

    - Go to "Game Activity"

    There you will see "no game detected" please click on "Add it!"

    NOTE: You must have the window of the game you want to add open!

    - Search for the game between your open windows

    It can be that it has another name, please close the rest if necessary and click on the 'weird name' of the window (it can even be the right name name of the game itself)

    - Click on it and click "Add game"

    - if you click on the name you can rename it to anything you want.

    - to show it to your friends while playing, click on overlay so that it's on


    And there you have it! you've successfully added a new game to your discord. You are now officially a computer nerd :).


    Please send this to other people if they are struggling and upvote this comment so that more people will see this!


    Happy playing!

  • Almighty Alpaca

    Hi Jitse_w, it seems you've gone through an awful lot of trouble explaining this visually, however maybe you should read the request once more as the problem is not in game activity which works perfectly, it is in the game library. It doesn't matter if you add a game into the game activity tab, that game is not going to appear in the library.

  • voyager2001dl

    Definitely needs to be added.  Currently there is no way to add games it doesn't detect to the library.  Even the activity feed doesnt work for older and modified stuff like City of Hereos Homecoming.

  • the1TESfan

    Yes please!

  • noober

    I have a problem where itz not dictecting my games. PLEASE ADD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • greyrat

    I'm really disappointed...they removed the feature instead of improving it 😢

  • Ꝗz - AMD 1600X

    Please add this, Doom Eternal just came out and i can't find it. This feature is needed 

  • ~Switch~

    Still not a feature. Damn, they're slacking off.

  • ApacheX67

    NEED THIS!!!

  • w00j

    It does not detect iRacing either! How is this not a feature???