Export Entire Chats


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  • seebs

    Being able to log conversations would be incredibly useful. There's some limited third-party options, but I don't necessarily trust them. Something built into the app would be much better.

  • appurist

    I just tried selecting a large block of text to manually copy and paste a DM chat log, and it can't even do that.  Is there NO way to save a copy of a chat?

    If not, this is a showstopper problem that differentiates Discord from other chat apps in such a way that it will prevent adoption in any serious organization.  I can't even select a large block of text in the chat to manually copy/paste elsewhere?

  • Rhuz

    Please, let us access our damned data

  • seanphi

    I found an app to export Discord chats and DMs WITH formatting and attachments and marked as edited or not and so on.

    Read here for information about it.

    Downloads are on the releases page:

    I haven't tried it yet, but it looks exactly like what is needed.

  • purpzie

    Actually, as long as it showed channel and message IDs... this might not be a bad idea. Especially for reporting people.


    If you want something similar using only the messages you have sent, you can request your data from Discord.

  • Gynesys

    Came here to say +1. More folks are using Discord to conduct business, and it would be nice if there were a way to export chats for our records. That gives us a few rationales now:

    1. Security.
    2. User safety.
    3. Competitive advantage.
  • CraftyMaelyss

    This should be available, just like downloading any files off of discord. Imagine like pressing a button, then getting a progress bar for download time or for assembling all of the conversation together. I'm surprised this isn't a feature already P:

  • katikacreations

    Yes please! Even just a plain text export that preserves basic formatting (so it isn't just an incomprehensible brick of text) would be amazing.

  • croweykid

    +1 on this. It would expand the use of Discord beyond the realm of gaming & make it a viable Skype alternative.

  • YourFace

    Discord - Can we get this already? This is a basic data rights/management feature. The absence of an export feature via any discord app? This is basic stuff.

  • Mr. Discord

    It doesn't even seem like it'd be that big of a thing to add. Heck, it might even take a load off or some of Discord's servers! Also, it turns out using that Github link is technically breaking TOS... but if we can't use that, we're pretty much SOL unless Discord adds it as an actual feature. So Discord- please add this. It is long overdue and much needed.

  • bastet_of_orion
    This is a great idea!
  • Sovngarde

    A feature like this would be incredibly helpful. It should also have a place where it can mark whether the message was an edited one, and if yes, maybe show the message edit log.

  • jeeps

    I would desperately love this for both DMs and server channels. There are many group DMs and servers I'm still in, cluttering things up because I can't leave them without losing the information I put into them.

  • Diloolie

    I'm so tired of having to copy/paste and edit the formatting of things I want to save. :( Please, Discord? Just like the old AIM chat exports?

  • Sned

    +1. How is this not a feature yet? I am using Discord professionally in paid Cryptocurrency trading groups, working with automated trading software. In order to accurately share our technical analysis and results in order to build our service, we often require large dumps of data and text - most of which are currently recorded in Discord. At present, this gap in Discord's suite of features is preventing us from developing. Currently seeking alternative software.

  • ninjasquirrel

    Using discord for gaming, I would love this!!!

    In my pbp campaigns it would be so useful to export the chat! Some are so long running that it would be great to look over the older chats. Scrolling back is not efficient enough.

  • NobleOpti92

    I love this idea! I'm a nostalgic piece of sh*t, so I'd love to be able to save a whole server's chat history as a file so my numerous dead servers can rest in peace, while we can still hold on to the memories. It'd save Discord the pain of holding on to it on their servers as well.

  • Miragia

    Please let us have this, Discord. Copy-pasting the roleplays my friend and I share every night manually is such a hassle with the limit to how much it can copy at a time. I would especially love it if we could have the option to decide the dates between which to save a chat from, to prevent unwieldy file sizes. c:

  • cynthiaH

    This would be amazing!

  • Leopol'd

    nice features/ pls give

  • SteffieMusings

    This will be extremely helpful and useful, especially if we could export DMs and channels from servers.

  • Capella

    I'd really like this as well. The convention I run uses Discord to organize behind the scenes planning as well as facilitate during event interactions with the attendees. Being able to export a channel's log (either the whole thing or a part) so we can search through it and keep it archived in our google drive would be amazing.

  • seanphi

    If you look above to the Github link for that Discord Chat Exporter I actually exported an entire server (of my own) with that.
    The only thing I also did manually, was the list of members and their Discord IDs. Once you delete the server you cannot really do anything with that list (it's only their Discord name and ID, not email address or any way to contact them once you don't have a server in common), but it serves as a reference in case they join you in another server.

  • Bea

    Please do!

  • lilliemagic

    Please! We really need this! ASAP! 

  • wize1

    Dear, Discord

    Please do this!!!! Let us export a copy of our server!

  • jeeps

    Thank you, Sean, that app works beautifully. You made my day.

  • joanathan

    the ability to export servers would be a lifesaver and i would pay real money for it

  • Ⓐ³ gent RØgue

    As for whether that software breaks the TOS, it’s probably pushing it because it’s an automated script however it’s not a self bot perse. It’s not ideal because it’s 3rd party and always has the risk of not working well or causing issues,

    However yeah server exports are a feature we very much need natively. Zulip has it, telegram has it, XMPP may have it. Discord is the odd one out in this regard. It seriously eludes me as to why this hasn’t been added. The most one could do without risking getting banned is maybe copy paste chunks of activity through clipboard. However that is far more labor intensive than scrolling up a page and letting chat exporter analyze traffic or something especially for super large groups