Twitch Channel Inside Discord (Twitch Theater Room)


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  • phencyclidine father
    I don't that this feature would benefit anything + I don't think that discord will be able to implement it, duo to twitch and this feature wont actually help the streamers.
  • JakeNBake

    phencyclidine father, 

    I disagree. This feature would mean that you don't have to open an external web page or app to view a stream, and it could benefit the streamer in lots of ways, like getting their fan base more active in their discord server..

  • animal

    This would be cool

  • Dhael

    Since "discord twitch integration" option where implemented I asked myself why not have something like that, its at least one less window and tons of less processes to run.

  • undermaster.

    I use to downvote this before without seeing the whole description that's why I regret it. But I think it's a good idea. If they are doing this with Twitch, they should probably add more platforms like YouTube etc.