Spellcheck on linux


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  • BlandManChan

    This seems like it would be fairly feasible since aspell (aspell.net) is installed by default in most distros.  I know we *nix users are not in the majority but we would greatly appreciate this.

  • Korina

    Agreed. It's been nearly a year since it originally came out. There's been no mention of it being worked on since then.

    Like, it's a feature that was implemented for OSx and Windows, but not... Linux? Like, how does that make sense?

  • /home/ioangogo

    And i have a feeling like they are using the API provided by githubs atom... that supports Linux


    Want proof, this is the libary they use https://github.com/atom/node-spellchecker see below and compare the readme they have for the part doing the heavy lifting in their discord_spellcheck. 


    Discord, if you are going to be on linux, please at least try harder, You apparently have staff using linux, could you atleast care for a moment, As a Dyspraxic Linux user who uses Discord, i am tired of people in server correcting me assuiming im not using spell check becuse you cant be bothered to keep feature parity between the different platforms

  • Natetronn

    I'm sure they care. They'll get around to it soon, in fact. Right? lol

    Add my vote for spell check in the Linux app too, please. Thanks!

  • aeiou

    Struggling *nix user here to gravedig, can't help when I'm constantly correcting myself in discussions because I know I misspelled something.

    In further news:

    Building a spellchecking system from scratch and re-implementing similar dependencies using similar functions to add to a different system configuration layout are too completely different things. 

  • Draconicrose

    It's been so long and still no spell checker on Linux. 😩

  • ღ AtmoLupo

    Yep, still no spell check for Linux... this is disappointing.


    I mean, it shouldn't even be that hard to do, there is literally everything they need on most distros ._.


    After those months of wait, I honestly don't think we will see it soon. Or maybe not at all tbh...

  • S410

    Cmon discord, stop being ducks already

  • Benjamin

    I was really disappointed to see the Linux version doesn't have a spell checker. I suspect the Linux version has been neglected, it took them a long time just to update the tray icon to the new standard used by Ubuntu. Especially when the spell checker is completely platform neutral.

  • missingno

    Seems pretty clear Discord just considers us second-class citizens.

  • S410

  • Electrenator

    Discord staff, this would be really handy to have. Like on all other platforms. Please just add the support yourself or open source the part of the code that could make that happen so the Linux community could do it for you if you don't want to do it yourself.

    The Linux install is publicly available on your website and gets updates so you still support it Linux. Please just make it possible to not have horrible spelling in you're application, because I have already needed the spellcheck more then I would like to admit to to just wright this comment on here. :P



    Apparently the Discord node-spellchecker already supports Linux. It says in the README.md that Linux and Windows 7 rely on Hunspell which is also used in programs like LibreOffice and Mozilla Firefox that support Linux. Looks like it isn't that hard to implement if you know what you are doing (which I don't with my non-existent experience with these kinds of applications). And like Ioan(mynd)² 🐧🏴  had already said here and I now repeat, the API that you're using already supports Linux.

    So, enableing the support in the application would be really handy for all the Linux users. Especially with Steam making moves on the Linux platform with Proton lately :)



    The delay might have something to do with them first making the Windows version right and then moving to other platforms like it's said here at last 2 points. Still is 11+ months old

  • Samrel556

    There's a folder in the discord install location called literally "discord_spellcheck" on my linux machine right now. From what I understand of node it seems everything in that folder has dependencies that are system agnostic or runs on Linux. Some one else who knows more should look at it.

  • TheMadHuman

    While it is true that GNU/Linux users are smarter, better looking and more attractive to potential mates, we do need spell check like the mere mortals that use other OS's. Thank you.

  • DragónJugador887

    I would also like this feature to be implemented. It is highly annoying to have no spellcheck on Linux.

  • MegaShinySnivy

    This needs to be added. I'm bad at spelling as is, and would really like some form of spellcheck. Just import one from the massive library of spellcheckers, and there you go.

  • Baston

    It's been nearly a year since OP made their post and still. No spellcheck!

  • drysdan

    Upvoting for support

  • Gordon

    Ditto - I don't like having to manually "speelchek" my quick responses for typos :/

    And editing is just rude.

  • StackDoubleFlow

    Indeed this is a feature we *nix users would like to have.

  • HenrickTheBull

    Also upvoting this. Don't really have more to add to the conversation though.

  • taint

    Hey, I keep typing words and they aren't words anybody else knows. 

    Please make program that makes words good. 

  • ИɐИ

    Spellcheck works just fine on the web version with Linux.

  • TheMadHuman

  • Ninigi

    Still does not work on my machine. Using the Linux client app.

    Discord developers, what do you need... I am willing to send you all the information, just tell me how.

  • Sutima

    Seriously.. Been FAR to long

  • ComputerGeek2600

    I can't believe this is still an issue. They can implement markdown rendering in the textbox but not spellcheck.  >.>

  • Sutima

    Yea, kind of sad.
    there is such good opensource options out there, and it wouldn't be to hard to allow third part apps/programs to do spell check. Allow us to use which ever we prefer.
    is there good wine support for discord? Do it that way for now.

  • Baston

    Any updates?


  • ComputerGeek2600

    > is there good wine support for discord? Do it that way for now.

    that sounds like a security compromise... 

    discord in a snap is better, just needs spell check and it'd be fine.