Own Games on Discord That You Own on Other Platforms


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  • King of Ferrets

    Holy cow a good idea. Personally would love this idea. Then maybe it'd give competition for steam for once, because they've been eating garbage again with their artifact release. I know a few games would be hard to get but if you can get a majority of games onto your platform I would probably switch away from steam if this happened.


  • KK

    I know people who would be willing to lose track of all their Time Played, redo Achievements, and forget about all the little Steam Knick-knacks, if they could do something like this.

    While I see a few issues that would get in the way of doing this, I would love to do a full migration as well.  One issue is that Discord doesn't, and may not have for a while, the full selection of games that Steam has available.  Not to mention, Discord will never have access to Valve games like CS:GO(not that it has as big a player base anymore).  Another issue being that many games are often locked to Game Keys or Special Accounts.  For games with Keys, an additional key would probably have to be generated as the easiest option, which would inflate the number of copies a game can claim to have sold, and possibly lose Discord money, if the Devs/Pubs demand money for these keys.  For Special Accounts, basically any time Steam has logged you into an online game, made an account name, and has been the only way for you to log into the game, those particular games would have to make an extra effort to change the way that you could log into the game, so that you could log into the game through other means, and/or allow you to connect your Discord account as a means for logging in to the game.

    It's kind of a far off idea currently, but I was thinking about this and another suggestion, so this is my first post in their forums, because I would like this to gain traction.