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  • Blastoise186
    This sounds like something that would be incredibly resource intensive - especially for users who are in a large number of servers and/or servers with an extensive history. I'm a bit nervous that something would get overloaded
  • Jolly

    Not having it makes Discord much much less useful. I understand a search might take a while, but you could also limit it by default to the past 7/30/days or whatever, and let the user choose if they need to search farther back.

    I'm right now attempting to find a way to dump discord chat logs (ideally continuously) to text or an IRC server to get around this issue :/ It's a pain and I'm confused why this feature is lacking. FB has this. Telegram has this. Slack has this...etc.

  • ToddTheSquid

    This is still something I need. I have old conversations I need to reference back to in multiple channels across multiple servers and DMs. Specifically, there are people who I've offered a job to that I need to check back in with to see if they're still interested since the project is getting close to starting (once I and a friend of mine are done with college). It's difficult because I can't remember who I've messaged about it, and people have changed their names multiple times.

    And to Omegacreeper and Blastoise186: It'd only be resource intensive when in use, and discord can limit it to the past X amount of time by default as well, like Jolly said. I can't imagine anyone searching through *all their chats* expects an instant result, nor would they expect discord to not spike in usage when searching so much stuff. Also, the feature would obviously be optional, and you wouldn't *have* to use it, just like you don't *have* to use any part of discord that you don't need. For example, I don't use the activity tab and I imagine that has some resource drain associated with it, even when I'm not using it, but I don't care. In the same vein, I imagine a resource drain that is temporary and only when intentionally used wouldn't matter to anyone.

  • Falco

    Would definitely like to see this

  • AnxietyBard

    This is something I need very badly and have had to resort going through Every Single One of my chat logs to search for [phrase] over and over because I couldn’t remember who I sent it to. It’s a function that honestly should have been implemented day 1.

  • A pretty fly guy

    This would definitely be a good thing to have

  • Octahedron

    While this would be an awesome feature, it is a good point that it would take a lot of resources to do this. But perhaps someone could do this through a third party application or something.

  • JamesKelley

    Searching within open DMs would help me a lot. It doesn't need to search every user in every server, just the ones that I have open DMs with.

  • Shentino

    It might be less resource intensive if such searches were only allowed to be done with one server at a time, and ratelimited.

    I for one would happily settle for having to let a search run overnight and simply come back to it the next morning.

  • ToddTheSquid

    Letting it run overnight, or draining 100% CPU for a few seconds even. The performance hit is literally only when in use, so it wouldn't affect anyone who doesn't use it, and those who would use it 99% of the time wouldn't care about the performance hit.

  • Shentino

    It's possible that "bulk searches" should be put into some sort of global queue so you have to wait your turn, and maybe some kind of quota system to ratelimit how often you can do it.


  • acidhammer

    Shentino: Discord can handle a lot of messages at once, and their programmers have written blog posts bragging (rightfully) about how performant their backend code is and how it is written in Elixir or something to scale to 9 bajillion concurrent users- I don't think a search of a few dozen guilds for a string of text would be hard to do.

    Telegram does it all the time.

  • Shentino

    Acidhammer: oh by all means I'm not saying anywhere near that this feature isn't worth implementing.  Quite the opposite, I'm completely in favor of it to the point where if it does, in fact, cause concern with load that they'd be better off implementing some sort of throttling mechanism to prevent it from being abused than not to implement it at all.

  • lunarkitty

    It wouldn't be resource intensive at all, they could most likely accomplish it on the backend with just a single database query. There are already global searches per "server", which are performant, all they'd probably have to do it join in tables associated with other tables and dm threads in the same query.

  • MaximusMidnight

    I would still love to see this. Even if it is resource intensive, it's not like it's constantly running in the background. And a couple options for narrowing the search would both be useful and help improve performance.

  • djesse

    I would also really love having this feature. 

  • jurojinpoker

    To those of you saying "This cannot be done because a user may be in several servers", okay, I agree... But at least they could make it for individual (private) conversations.


    I speak with a lot of different people and sometimes I don't remember with whom I spoke about a certain thing, so it would be really useful. 

  • tobi

    The notion that this isn't possible makes no sense. No discord dev has actually said this - because it makes no sense


  • WFV

    Please add the DM keyword search feature.  Trying to find DM without it is impossible.  With lots of messages, we need a keyword search feature.

  • 3N1GM4

    2 years and this is still not a feature? This would be soooo useful I can't believe it's not been at least looked at and something implemented yet. All the other products in the same space as Discord offer this.

  • Weeby

    Yeah that'd be great ngl

  • Spirit・狼をスピリット🐺

    Discord actually REALLY needs this.

    Any messenger app needs this, actually, but Discord is the perfect example. 
    Also for how fast it searches all messages of a chat, even spanning years of intense chatting.

    And yes, i am sure that whoever would use this would be fine with it taking up more processing and memory and even require more time to show full results. 
    But, again, Discord is *really* fast at searching through years of chat... chats aren't that heavy or hard to search and Discord has a great search algorithm as far as i could see.

  • astrobiscuit



  • McVitas

    hello? This is ESSENTIAL!

  • Kkun

    This is a great feature, especially for those who run a big server.

  • jurojinpoker

    Please do this!! Do it just for nitro and I would pay for it, I don't care about emojis or streaming quality I need to be able to do stuff like this!

  • Raoena

    I'm here because I need this too. 

  • Would love to see this feature, i'll even pay for nitro if i have to. 

  • Troy

    "Please do this!! Do it just for nitro and I would pay for it, I don't care about emojis or streaming quality I need to be able to do stuff like this!"

    Couldn't agree more.  I don't need Discord to be cuter.  I need functionality.