A fourth hypersquad group


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  • Blastoise186
    I think this could be interesting for the future, but it's probably too soon right now. Sometimes a trio works better than a squad however, and I would be curious to see how this would work out.
  • Permanently deleted user
    This would be a great thing to see, because sometimes some of us like representing the dark side. It is always fun to have the dark side when talking with your friends, when they are on light side, and your playing around. It would be fun to see if it could work out
  • FrozenPhoton
    The part where the dark hypesquad faction is on the monsters side was my idea, and here is what I am thinking... To fit with the lore, the monster could be behind any troll discord ever does to us. @everyone was the monsters doing for example, as well as any other chaotic event discord has ever/will ever put out. Also, think of it kind of like different discord houses. You have your mighty, your heady, your down-to-earth, and then your dark. I know a lot of people would enjoy sporting a dark little badge on their profile a lot more than one of the other three we have so far. It would basically be the slytherin of the discord squads. It could also add some interesting event potentials for the future, depending upon how far discord wants to take this whole hypesquad faction competition thing.
  • Frosty
    Great idea!