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  • Akira

    You can escape formatting by using backslashes (\) on markdown characters.

    For example: \*this will show asterisks instead of being italic\*

  • Ollie

    I forgot to note it is not me who is using it, it is my friend who does not stop using it.

  • ThatFloatingCat

    I would also appreciate this. The biggest thing I HATE about Skype is that it forces text formatting - for a while you could disable it at least on desktop and now you can't. It's what made me want to switch to Discord, but Discord is worse because the operation to disable it is harder to type (less used to it), and it has to be done every single time you type something that might be formatted even if it's in the same message, where Skype you put one operation at the beginning of the message and it disables all text formatting in the whole message (which is annoying enough to have to remember). My friends and I put a lot of stuff between asterisks and it's extraordinarily frustrating to have to remember to disable text formatting every freaking time to be able to continue to use an established form of communication we've been using for years prior to the existence of text formatting. I would really, REALLY love it if there would just be a simple option to disable it for people who don't want to use it.

  • Kaname

    I want this SO much. Discord is a HUGE mecca of gamers and roleplayers -- why should the platform auto-format asterisk-enclosed text by default, when this is one of the major conventions of how we communicate online?

  • ChevalDentifrice

    I want that option too ! Please..

  • kpwxx

    This would be great to have as an option for server admins, ideally on a per channel basis, and perhaps letting individuals turn it off for all their posts too.

    I actually find markdown very useful and would agree that it should be on by default with the backslash option to disable being more than adequate for most cases. But there are fringe cases where a specific server, user etc might frequently need to use a specific markdown but not want it to format, in those cases having the option to switch it off would be super handy.

    For example, now ordered lists have been added as part of organisational text formatting. This adds extra line breaks, changes indentation etc, but there is no clue that it's going to happen until you actually send then message - then you have to go back and edit it. It's causing real issues in one of my servers where we have a channel where we keep a running numbered list of books we've collectively read. People will type a message like

    1363. Alice in Wonderland

    And Discord adds a random line break at the end because it thinks their entire message is a numbered list, with one entry, starting at 1363.

    So in this case - if we could turn off this formatting for that channel specifically, it'd be really helpful.

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  • Elle Spark

    Permissions Management: Discord allows server administrators to manage permissions for different roles. You can create a custom role for members where you disable the "Embed Links>" permission. This prevents users with that role from using markdown to format their text. However, keep in mind that this will affect other functionalities as well, such as embedding links.

    Bot Integration: You can create or use a bot that automatically removes or edits messages that contain formatted text. This requires some programming knowledge or the ability to find a bot that offers this functionality.

    Custom CSS: If you're using Discord in a browser, you might be able to use custom CSS to hide or disable the formatting options. This would only affect how Discord is displayed in your browser and wouldn't prevent users from formatting text in their messages.

  • Adam O'Sullivan

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  • Herpalasif27

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  • Eddie Lydon

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  • Tony Curry

    Disabling text formatting in server settings depends on the platform. Some platforms like Discord don't offer this directly, but users can escape formatting with backslashes. For others, it might be possible through custom coding or admin controls (if available). Generally, offering formatting helps with readability, but user preference should be considered. You can also Click Here

  • Karina Guns

    The ability to disable text formatting in server settings would be a valuable feature for many users. Implementing this option can enhance readability and maintain consistency in communication, especially in professional or educational environments where formatting might be distracting or unnecessary. Bad Time Simulator It would also help prevent misuse of text formatting, which can sometimes bypass moderation tools or create confusion.