Better Role Management


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  • .dragagon

    Like what problem did you encounter?

  • TM | Chris

    Yep, I wish they would split "Role Management" into "Role Assignment" and "Role Management" 

  • yesthatallen

    Until there's an official change, tools such as mee6 can help here.

  • Black Mega Therion

    The first post i saw about this as i came to make my post. (5 months ago)
    Didn't seem to get a lot of attention but it is something i think a lot of users would definitely appreciate. 

  • MaDMardigan

    I tried a workaround to get an similar result. so i created a role "promoter" just over the role i wanted them to promote to. unfortunately if i a assign the role to someone with a higher role, the "promoter" role will also allow them to promote to the higher roles. 

    Even the workaround using the role hierarchic system doesnt work because it doesnt allow you to edit roles just to this new role. :(
    So we definitely need some  better role management. I want other people helping me to assign roles to new members but i dont want them to edit and promote to every role!

    vote for this :)