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  • broman

    This would be extremely time consuming to implement, especially considering Discord is a chat platform, not a "learn programming" platform. You mention "bot.command" so I'll assume you're referring to discord.py. The discord.py library is extremely well-documented (as well as most of the other libraries), and as you progress further into the programming field you'll find that there are not many libraries as well-documented as d.py. If you're struggling to understand learning programming, and are trying to use Python, I recommend https://www.codecademy.com/ 


    Creating a Discord programming language would be quite far out-of-scope for a chat platform, and would require a lot of overhead for about zero reason.


  • kyoko

    You really want discord (a small ass communication program company) to make a fully fledged language with a fully fledged multiplatform runtime? they are not microsoft or jetbrains, they are not going to, they dont have the resources to do it.

  • hardyian

    I once created an IRC bot with C++, it was much more complicated that I first thought it would be. The messages were not sequential, and you may get the second package of the same message before the first one. Ah those were the days. Luckily you can likely use standard functions and libraries for what you are asking.

    However, unlike other people suggesting ruby or python (script languages) or “anything”, I would first ask what level are you working at, meaning how fast does it need to be, what type of payload and how many will it need parse.

    Python would be fine for small projects or if you had the time to wait for it to go through a lot of data.

    The problem with Python, Ruby, Php, or even Javascript, is that while they can be relatively fast these days, they are still slower than a well designed compiled language.

    If you wiling to learn html then I'll recommend this. The best programming language is really depending on the bot goal and coder preference.

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  • Anurag Pandey

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  • raghu

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