Less updates, disable auto-update or scheduled updates?


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  • ashish

    I generally update all my software system wide (on arch linux) and having discord update on its own is completely useless in my case (and many other linux users). Please for the love of God, just add an option to turn of auto-updates! We never asked for logo changes but atleast grant us this!



  • unholyjoe | Charles

    what i find annoying is, we keep getting updates but nowhere can i find a log as to what update is. the list i see is old months and years old.

    i also agree to an option to turn off or set a time for an update for when we will not be using discord.

    seems we pay to have better internet speeds and when we get it... everyone sucks down more putting us back to square one.

  • Alexander

    It's a mess, indeed. Especially on Mac, where I used to have apps updated from the AppStore at the night time, without wasting my time at the app start.

  • necauqua

    For everyone looking how to do that - in the discord app folder (~/.config/discord/ on linux (or in your xdg config folder), in appdata I think on Windows, no clue about mac) there is a settings.json file - you can add those lines:

    "SKIP_HOST_UPDATE": true,


    after the first line with the {

    No idea for how long it was there, but this prevents discord from refusing to start unless you update it as well as from those random updates everyone here wants to get rid off.

    Reminder to update your Discord once in a while as at some point it will stop working as they change their api or something, as well as security, yep

  • Vlad Zheligovsky

    necauqua, thank you very much for your comment, this is a valuable information!