Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • Nilleftw

    ElchMoose I've already been trying to reach them on Twitter, no response. DMs is just automated so no luck there either. Just created a general question support ticket, asking them to check out this suggestion. It's been two years of active pleading for this function. Yet, Discord is nowhere to be seen.

  • Dick Apples

    I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet, and my main gripe isn't even what most people are mentioning here (which is also absolutely valid).
    My work app (Altium Designer) shares the .exe name (X2.exe) as the game Elsword, causing Discord to think that's the game I'm playing. This proves that their detection is set to the .exe file name and it completely ignores the .exe description.
    I'm kinda getting hopeless at this point but please add this feature. I've had my game status turned off for many months now simply because 8 hours a day, 5 days a week I'd be "playing" a game I've otherwise never heard of.

  • Tsath

    I have an issue with www.mudlet.org taking over my "Playing ..." all the time, and even renaming the .exe file doesn't work, so it's *not* just using the exe file as a detection parameter. I renamed my exe to "Not_Mudlet.exe" and "Some_random_program.exe" but no luck. That's the thing, there is *no* workaround for this one.

  • Mysticlloyd™

    what about if it's changed to a game that exists, It might only recognize the exe file if the name is on their game list which also makes it stupid that it also has non-games in said list. I don't if that is a workaround people want but it seems this feature is just useless, I have it completely turned off now. 

  • Ryab

    I, too, second this

  • Nilleftw

    I've actually managed to get a response from the Discord Support:

    "It's good to know that users are actively upvoting threads from our forums since feedback contributes greatly to our decision making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants! However, I cannot promise you that anything will be carried on right away. Our team would have to do a long discussion first before anything can be done. Rest assured, I'll be passing along the feedback to the team."

    Hopefully this actually means that someone (eventually) will take a look into this suggestion. Fingers crossed!

  • Travmanman

    Give us the ability to only track games we wish to be tracked.

    I like sharing when I'm playing certain games, but not all the games I'm playing.

  • erack

    Wow 2 years and zero movement on such a simple feature. I use the VR performance overlay app FPSVR and that's what Discord thinks I'm playing every day...

  • Chaos

    Yeah, I was trying to make a simple joke where I renamed one of my always running apps to "Zooming" and it would say how long. But when I open a game up, it resets that and I wish I could disable it.

  • gamercoon


    Seriously, turning this on and off by hand based on what you're going to play is ridiculous, and easy to forget about.  This NEEDS to be a feature, or the whole "currently playing" feature is worthless.

  • ឵឵Josh


  • Phr3d13™

    Quickly approaching 3 years of us begging for this... But you want us to spend money on discord nitro...

  • Trekari

    How is this still an issue?

    Get it together. I don't need my dedicated server application showing for days at a time because you won't implement a simple "don't show this game" toggle.

  • Catt

    This feels like a must need feature renaming games is fine but being able to toggle specific games you want showing would really make the entire game activity feature perfect. I hope they listen to this long-lasting and highly requested wish.


  • Bodhbh Dearg

    #Trekari (and others), while I do still believe being able to blacklist built-ins, did you check whether your app/game shows up in the list and then delete them? The ones that DO show up and get deleted there should not get auto-detected again, and at least THAT bit seems to be working correctly...

    (Synergy is an example that comes to mind where deleting it from the list made it disappear from the 'playing' updates...)

  • Trekari

    It does, I have, and it comes back every time.

  • Tarhish

    Yeah, I don't believe that deleting it from that list actually deletes anything at all. I've tried that with many entries, including deleting everything on the list. They all come back right away.

    Maybe it works on custom entries you add yourself?

  • Tsath

    Yeah, it just comes right back. Doesn't work. I got this recommended as a solution as well, but it doesn't work.

  • bl00d5h0ck

    Bruh... Discord REALLY just ignored us for 3 years?! How is this STILL not an option?! Smh🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Hedius

    This problem is quite annoying. I use the software synergy for mouse/keyboard sharing. However, this is not the game synergy.....

  • sergskokow🦉

    I use ShareX for screenshots. When I open Discord for the first time, the program defining as a game. But if I open game activity settings, ShareX become a program, not a verified game (this state saves until reboot).
    Well, I wouldn't care about it, but it overlaps my Spotify activity status. So it's still a problem.

  • Volodesi

    Why is this still not a thing? 

  • Kostriktor

    discord made from gamers for gamers; this should definitely be in.
    would also help fighting the annoyance of league-of-legends-launcher beeing considered a game, when it clearly is not.

  • аaron

    +1, this feature would be amazing,

  • Endre

    Please add this feature, it's ridiculous small but incredibly helpful things like this take so long to be implemented.

  • Heilung

    +1. This would be a great feature to have. Please allow us to blacklist programs from showing up on the activity feed

  • SensualSquirrel

    It's ridiculous that this isn't a feature.  In fact if I remember correctly at one time it was? 

  • Archonium

    Adding my voice to this thread in hopes it contributes! I'm going to be 100% honest I don't want everyone to know I'm playing erotic/porn games. I don't mind my friends knowing. The sports club where I'm teaching however... even though it's only adults, it's just not decent to show this.

    I've learned from higher in this thread that I could at least rename the game in Discord options, which then stick to it. While it's an ok-ish workaround (in my case), I'd rather have every game/software disabled by default, and enabling them on the go than the opposite.

    In any case, and no matter which decision you take, is there a chance we could get an official answer on this thread please?

    Thanks for the time you manage to put in there!

  • fynitie♕

    It's been 2 years.. Guess Discord is bummed out on how to implement this one for some reason. fbm.

  • motmot

    Please implement this! Why is Synergy even verified? It's not a game or even a full screen application.