Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • Trollhammeren

    How the hell is this still not a thing !? I want to ignore NOX completely , it's on for Star Trek all the time , not on it 100% of the time!!!


    Over 2 years of asking for this and NO ... 

  • mdlopresti

    I'd love this to be able to exclude non-game programs from my activity stream

  • mugendai

    Yah, we need this.  I'm not "Playing" Lutris.  It's just a thing that's open.  It's nice that we can rename it, at least.  Mine is "nothing yet."

  • dgiakoum

    So.. theoretically, if I had a guild, with an HR department that checks if the "playing" shows up when I'm in game and then checks whatever ELSE I'm playing to give me grief, so I'm stuck needing to turn the feature on or off and will get reprimanded when I slip up... would that bump the severity of this feature not existing? 

  • Nanorithm

    Still waiting on this to be implemented. I keep having apps that are not games and I keep running in the background showing as my activity and I'd like to disable those.

  • Mochigau

    Full agree on this, and perhaps the ability to rank software the way we can rank user roles.

    As some like Faded Warrior Suoish mentioned, there's apps that we keep open which Discord picks up as games - and they really shouldn't take precedence over actual games.

    In the case of people who use VS Code say, it's fun to have the discord plugin and show what you're doing, how fast you're going, how many lines etc - it's not so great when it takes precedence over the game you later boot up to take a break. Everyone still thinks I'm coding, when I'm actually looking to play.

    Everyone's got a reason for leaving these various things running - disabling the feature entirely or shutting the app off, neither feels right with Discord. If setting priority or disabling for specific apps can't be done for some reason, maybe just make the option more readily accessible without diving into the settings to toggle it on or off?

  • Zerberus

    this feature was requested for ages, is discussed here and on reddit multiple times. I did post a list of some discussions in a similar topic I opened on reddit about it leading here... 

    (Backlink would be https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/mopstt/is_it_possible_to_blacklist_some_games_from_being/) 

    How many upvotes do a topic need to be "considered" worthy of time and effort?

  • Slepe

    Bruh. Why is this not implemented.

    Synergy is being recognized for me, and it's not a game. It's an app for using multiple screens from different PCs/laptops together. I don't want it to show. I'm not playing it.

  • jshadow007

    Synergy. Is not. A game!  The devs have got to have this on their radar--they dogfood their own app and I'm sure they run plenty of apps that aren't games on their own machines so why can't we figure this out?

  • Todeswunsch ♄

    There is a lot of ppl requesting the same ... Feeling like they dont read the feedback threads xD

  • Zerberus

    So. Basically all we can is post daily into this and getting it upvoted...

  • moof

    Ya, please make this feature and keep upvoting. Like why even have the x if you can't remove the game.

  • Nilleftw

    We need that guy/girl "Nelly" to repost this thread. Those threads always seem to get attention.

    This thread is on page two of the most upvoted suggestions and we STILL have no response. Can't they just mark this thread as "Not planned" already? It's been two years.

  • Kikiwako

    Aseprite is not a game. My friends keep asking me what game it is and they don't know when i'm playing an actual game.


    Why is Aseprite a "Verified" game?

  • KimmyMars

    Sometimes Discord misdetects games as well. My friends think I'm playing EVE when i'm not because the launcher is detected as the game. :/ 

  • Draz

    +1, pretty annoying to have VR tools show up as the game you're always playing. 

  • JoshieGemFinder

    There is actually a way to do it (on windows, idk about mac I don't own one):

    1) Open cmd as admin
    2) cd to your directory
    3) rename the .exe file to something else
    4) run 'mklink "originalfilename.exe" "newfilename.exe"' (you need the double quotes btw)
    5) profit

    problem is: nothing else can find the program by its filename (e.g. you have a fps unlocker or something for your game)

  • Trollhammeren

    Let's be honest that is entirely to much work for something this trivial. 

  • Zenithie's (ZbP)

    Wow, It is almost a year since I upvoted this thread. And I still miss the functionality...

  • Tsath

    JoshieGemFinder Sadly that doesn't work for a LOT of things. If it works for your application, that's great! For many people renaming doesn't work, hence no profit. Discord finds it even if renamed or the application simply doesn't work anymore if you rename it. 

    Good suggestion though.

  • FoneBone

    i'm playing "Soundpad" all the time ... this need fixing... this app stay over all other games. :(

  • pliable

    For the love of god and all that is holy, please, PLEASE add a feature to exclude certain executables. I'm also with the Synergy KVM software crowd, and it's stupidly annoying to not exclude the exe from popping up as a "game" in Discord.

    Hitting the X for Synergy in the Activity Status menu doesn't do anything either, once Synergy starts up again, Discord is like hurrr durrr oh Synergy back I show now!

    This has been 3+ years in the asking, come on guys

  • dueck

    People have been talking about this simple change for years and it is still not a feature? Discord wyd?

  • Skarrum

    Can't tell whether I find it funny or sad that a change this demanded hasn't been done for over 2 years even though it's probably less than a dozen lines of code, and yet they'll ban you if you have the audacity to use the betterdiscord client. 

  • Anirudh

    Want this feature :( Please prioritize. My friends keep asking me what's this game Synergy that you've been playing.

  • Black Blade 🐱👤💻

    I will like this as well

    I leave some times some games open for messages inside or stuff like that and will like for it not to show in Discod to my friends

  • 🌸Peachy


  • Envious

    i have 21 yo and i dont want ppl to see that im playing roblox, pls discord add this feature...

  • Zureiya

    sad that this still hasn't made it into the client.

  • Plutoric

    Still holding out hope for this to be added!