[suggestion] show # of users within voice channel


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  • Frosty
    Sounds awesome!
  • NanoCE

    Since having a number there might clutter the UI, how about instead whenever you hover your mouse over the voice channel title, it shows a little text box above the curse showing the number of users. I also think it would be cool to have a moderator tool to capture a list of all users in the voice channel at a specific time for moderation use.

  • talaitha

    came up with a work-around for now:
    set a user limit for the channel & it will show the amount/max for each channel. So you can show like 25/99 [see screengrab below]

    however i wish i didn't have to set an arbitrary limit to do this, & on servers where i'm not an admin i have no option to toggle this on/off myself. would be super sweet to have by default a counter show up [upon channel name hover?] and then perhaps if there's a user-limit instated for that voice channel have it display as 00/11 only then?


    i REALLY don't want to have to set a max user limit on each of these voicechannels just to get a semblance of a counter, feel weird limiting how many individuals can be connected at once. but i will if there's no other option i suppose :]

  • 莫莫


    Is there a better way?
    show  of users within voice 

    More than 99 people
  • talaitha

    The better way would be if discord implemented my suggestion so I hope you voted for it 😃

  • 莫莫

    You have an idea to use Bot query

    I am looking for a temporary solution

  • talaitha

    Nah I didn't mention any bot queries.

    I posted a temp solution in a follow-up comment with sceeengrab.

  • 莫莫
    Are you still using it like this?
    Is there a better solution in can teach me?
  • talaitha

    That ☝️ is the temp workaround I am still using on my server.

    If there is a better solution I have not found it.

  • Demi
    Is there a way to officially limit the limit of 99 users to 200?
  • AxeloteAR

    You can do It with a JavaScript code using discord.js:

    You can filter (Collection.filter()) all the channels in the guild (Guild.channels) to retrieve a Collection of only voice channels. Then, you can iterate through each channel and add the number of members connected to it to the count.


    // Assuming 'newMember' is the second parameter of the event.
    const voiceChannels = newMember.guild.channels.filter(c => c.type === 'voice');
    let count = 0;
    for (const [id, voiceChannel] of voiceChannels) count += voiceChannel.members.size;


    This is not my code, it's slothiful's:


  • AxeloteAR

    You can also detect when a user moves from one voice channel to another with this code:

     client.on('voiceStateUpdate', (oldmember, newmember)=>{
          let oldvoice = oldmember.voiceChannel;
          let newvoice = newmember.voiceChannel;
          if (oldvoice && newvoice && oldvoice.id != newvoice.id) channelStatus = 'Moved'
  • AxeloteAR

    You can detect wich user entered wich voice channel

    // Member Joined Voice Channel

    const oldChannel = tempVars('oldUser').voiceChannel

    const newChannel = tempVars('newUser').voiceChannel


    if (!oldChannel && newChannel) {

    this.storeValue(newChannel, 1, 'voiceChannel', cache);