Explicit Content Filter - Dealing With False Positives


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  • The Nightling

    I run a Sandman Discord Server and made the mistake of setting the server as a "community."  Now whenever I try to post images of the comic book character from when he was held captive (and yes, naked) the bot thinks it's explicit content.   Nothing is shown.  His anatomy is always hidden in shadows or the image is above his waist.   Have I mentioned it's a server for a comic book character and his captivity is in the very first issue? 

  • A G-g-ghost!

    Garlic. Fake photos of garlic from a text-to-image generator. This could not make it past your filter. Fix your shit.

  • Ceylin

    "Our most accurate bot", more likely the most dumbest bot... It's blocking this gif, there is no body parts, there isn't even a human in the gif...


  • Petrie3686

    Sent here by Discord Support... really sad that after *4* years this is STILL an issue. I guess dad jokes and knees are considered explicit content???

    From Support: "To clarify, if the explicit media content filter is enabled, any media files the system deems inappropriate will be flagged and therefore, preventing them to be uploaded. Sadly, we do not have any control over what the system deems to be inappropriate." is the worst response I think I've ever seen.

  • RolandK

    how often does this happen that discord content filter detects false positive?  1 out of 10? 1 out of 100?  1000 ?

    have things improved over the time, i.e has content filter quality got better for the lasts months?

    any experience with "bug reporting" via  https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360006586013

    is discord able to react on such bugreports when you submit a link to media content which is detected as false positive and do they fix that ?

    >Sent here by Discord Support...

    huh? for what purpose?  to report their filter sucks?