'Deafen' is unintuitive terminology


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  • Poage

    I got here because I don't know what it means, at all. Somebody explain like I'm five, because I don't get it.

  • missmatsuko

    It's supposed to make it so you don't hear anyone else's audio.

  • ThatAussieBoganBloke

    Hey @Poage ... I didn't get the Deafen option either really.

    The most useful article I have come across which explains this satisfactorily IMO can be found here:


    Hope this helps :) 

  • Intricate

    Deafen and undeafen disables the respective noises that you hear when someone turns their sound off/on in a voice channel.  You hear a sound when someone mutes their mic and when they turn their sound off.

  • Franz K

    The dictionary definition of "deafen" is literally "to cause (someone) to lose the power of hearing permanently or temporarily." Not only is it an incorrect usage of the term, I am a deaf/hard of hearing person and I find the term insulting.

  • michaelrkn

    "Deafen" is an offensive term to use for this functionality. Please change it to "silence" or something similar that is not offensive and is more clear (I was very confused about what it would do at first).

  • curly.and.curvy (she/her)

    The word is incorrectly used *and* offensive, so this is a no brainer, Discord. Fix the language.

    Something like "mute self" for Mute and then "mute others" instead of Deafen could work.