[Server Setting] Channel Notification


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  • Becca

    I 100% agree. For those of us this use the discord platform as a team server this would allow me to toggle permissions per channel as an admin. I think it would be great to have all notifications turned on in our emergency channel and all notifications turned off in our bots channel etc. 


  • kprotato

    I came here to suggest this. We absolutely need this and I know a few admins who have said the same. At the least, we need to be able to set certain channels as "muted by default" or "mentions only by default".Basically admin-configurable default server notification settings would be a blast.

    This would allow us to enable notifications for #announcements and #looking-for-group by default, but mute the rest of the server. It would reduce the number of users muting server I reckon.

  • Zamics

    I''m surprised this isn't a highly requested feature.  It would be soooo useful for server admins.

  • fezzington

    This would be massively useful to be able to do from a server side.


    As an admin on a growing server, I've noticed our daytime people tend to mute the whole server when our night owls get to chatting heavily at 3/4 in the morning. 

  • bedbug1226

    Seriously this needs to be a thing. It would make it easier to setup servers where you want an announcement channel and a general chat channel without having to use things like @everyone and having inexperienced users annoyed about the notification settings.


  • psychodove

    I agree this needs to happen. Users can be more tempted to leave if they are spammed too much. Admins should definitely have an option to help moderate how many of their channels send notifications and also at what rate they send notifications.

    Someone recently explained to me that they view discord as a sort of modernized messaging board system. In some ways it kind of is, it doesn't have to be like instant messaging if you don't need it to be. If you think of discord when a streamer uses it to post announcements for their community, that's exactly what discord is.  

    No one ever joins a forum/message board community and is automatically subscribed to every thread. They have a choice!

  • jupiterb4dawn

    This would be amazing. I own a server of a small friend group and I don't want to add bots because people will be spammed as we're learning and using them. If I could have all BOT channels under a BOT group that was muted, we could do more on the server when we're there without being spammed when we're not.

    Love the point about being "auto-subscribed to every thread"! That's exactly what this is like for users. 

  • Supercheme

    100% agree! I made a server for my friends, and I wanted to keep the default notifications as all messages so people would actually talk with each other. However, I made a channel that posts YouTube videos and Twitch streams, as well as reddit posts from certain subreddits. There's a ton of messages coming in from r/pokemon and r/undertale, and I wish my friends didn't have to get notified for everything without having to manually change it, and I don't want to get rid of the reddit posts.

  • Cyjorg

    Just setup a bot channel in my server and had lots of annoyed peers. Please make this happen.

  • BigMitch

    I agree with this, It would be really convenient not to have to struggle with explaining the process of the settings to any inexperienced/non-technologically savvy peers.

  • Dapper Dad

    Was hoping I was missing something when I couldn't find a server-wide channel-specific notification setting.  Looks like I wasn't.  Agreed this is necessary!

  • taylor

    this would be amazing. yes please

  • King Fisssshy

    Yes, this feature would be awesome!!!!

  • Wade?

    Ok... so this ISN'T a thing?  I was looking for the option EVERYWHERE!  How is it, as an admin you cant create a channel that wont notify everyone of texts as default?  I wanna play a Bot game GD@mit, and I dont want the entire neighborhood to know!

  • Xeynon

    Can't believe, this is still not a thing! One of the most common reasons for a guy leaving a server or just has to talk to an admin are reasons like "too many notifications all the time" etc.

    The server creator knows, which channel is a bot channel or a very frequently used channel, where nobody has to receive notifications. So, why not let the admins help all their visitors?

  • Jay of the Desert

    Really wish for this to be implemented.

  • kyle!

    For anyone interested in following the same topic w/ a high follower count:


    please @discord, i took the time to actually sign in and comment after looking up this topic a few times and lurking in the threads for the past year and a half :(

  • eponymz

    Checking in 3 months after the latest comment. If this has been implemented and I am missing something, please someone tell me. Otherwise, kinda sad that I cant create channels and get them set up with bots without spamming everyone in the server. 

  • Felic

    I would particularly like this for channels, or even categories as a whole. 

  • neo-renaissance

    I would love this feature

  • mj_pwnd

    Giving another bump to this feature request. I have several channels that are only accessible by certain roles. I'd also like to control notifications so that only those with the role get the notifications for that channel. 

  • Fu Snail

    This would be amazing in a future update. I have one channel that get's a ton of posts that people don't need to be notified of but I want to keep notifications turned on for everything else since the server doesn't get spammed much. Turning notifications off decreases server activity but turning them on will spam people from this one channel and I am scared people will just mute the entire server vs. that one channel.

  • BBDan

    Why don’t we have this feature yet? Seems like a no brainer.

  • Smokesick

    I second this. Just made a bot which I want to deploy silently and test it on my server, so curious people can find it and not get auto-spammed. Right now I'm forced to have an admin-only private channel where I can test the bots freely. Please allow us to mute a channel by default for users!!

  • WILL🥑

    This is absolutely needed from the start.

  • HeWhoShallNotBeTagged

    +1 For this feature. Like most here, I use Discord a lot for teams, and I want to be able to set up granular notification settings for things like announcement channels and such.

  • Ariuss3

    Yes please! I would like this for my D&D server. So that people don't have to individually turn notifications off per campaign they are not in.
    This would also be nice for categories too, because I have multiple different channels per category for setting up play times, and also for things like maps so they don't get lost.

  • SugarD-x

    Why is this not already a thing? This seems to be a very common issue/sought after feature. This is especially useful for communities that utilize bots and activities regularly, but don't want those features causing users to leave or become inactive because of one channel's activity.