Suggestion: Server Admin ability to force spoiler a message


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  • Sosig

    This would be so awesome to see as a role permission, especially on servers where media content is shared often.

  • jacksn
    this would be a great tie-in for manage messages
  • iVictory Victor

    yep, that'd be really useful, please to that discord

  • bastet_of_orion
    If admins could add an overlay text to messages when marking them as a spoiler, it would help to signal members as to why the message was marked like that.
  • Omega Metroid

    The problem is that the messages are stored as plaintext and dynamically parsed, I believe, so this would most likely require an additional "Edit other users' messages" feature.



    ...Which, in turn, would also be incredibly useful for moderation purposes, but also abuseable.  ...The potential for abuse could, however, be partially mitigated by expanding the "last edited" timestamp to also show the editor's name, but this in turn would likely require them to update both the API and the renderer to accomodate for a new optional field formulated similarly to either the "author" or the "mentions" field.  (Field would be present if the message's editor has a different snowflake than the one in the "author" field's user, or absent if the editor is also the author, to preserve backwards compatibility.  It would be a single user object (like "author") if it only stores the last non-author editor, or an array of user objects (like "mentions") if it stores a list of all non-author editors.  Either way, it would permanently indicate if a message has been edited by someone other than its original author, which would hopefully deter malicious moderation.)


    (Note that this reply assumes that they won't add a feature to allow admins to mark an entire post as a spoiler, but instead add a feature to allow admins to add spoiler tags to an existing post.)

  • Igno

    Yes and it would also help filter NSFW stuff as well. Maybe it would be nice to be able to customize the "spoiler" tag overlaid on images that are spoilered? So instead of saying "Spoiler," you could customize it to say "NSFW" or "potentially disturbing" or whatever. Obviously keep the word "spoiler" as the default.

  • CassiopeiaGames

    bastet, a small mark "edited by mod name" would suffice i think, because edited messages is already marked as such when a user edit a message.

    but this could be solved as granting permission to mods to edit other peoples messages - building on ignos comment too.

  • TBlazeWarriorT

    Messages marked as spoiler by an admin could also just have a red "(marked as spoiler)" near the message, like the "(edited)" tag, if admin abuse was a problem. But I assumed Discord would figure out their solution on their own

  • Mr Arca9

    You guys know there's an audit log for this exact reason right? "<Admin Name> marked <Client Name>'s message as spoiler [Jump to message]"

    Jump to message will jump the person viewing the audit log to the channel and location of the message that was marked as a spoiler.

    If the message gets removed, then the audit log can just drop the hyperlink on jump to message, or just use a strikethrough font

    Additionally this gives discord a reason to up the usability of the audit log. 

  • Dimitri

    Here's a duplicate of this feedback ticket (with a short description) which received more attention and a different set of comments: 

    Anyway, yes, I agree there should be a way to moderate spoiler messages, other than deleting them (and leaving behind a context that doesn't make much sense.)

  • NathanNorth
    oh, really a good idea
  • erk

  • Brightness
    I feel like this would definitely be useful!
  • Reonan

    I really like Igno's suggestions to this as well. Would be great if possible please, thank you!

  • Sparrow

    This would be incredibly useful for servers where there's occassional NSFW and upsetting content. I would love the ability to hide it from direct view, even if its not exactly spoiler tags but kinda like how you can hide replies on twitter? They're still accessible because deleting posts feels like a bit of an extreme measure often times if the poster won't bother to edit the post to add spoiler tags themselves.

  • Muhandes

    Awesome idea, why don't we have this yet?

  • HRTest

    Especially useful in small personal servers where confrontation and mod enforcement isnt really a thing unless something BAD happens. I understand the issue with granting people the ability to edit peoples messages but if the power is limited to spoilering i cant imagine scenario where thats really abused beyond the point of minor annoyance.

  • frog

    Bump!! We really need this!

  • gargarbot

    This feature would really be helpful to avoid people spoiling information to others, without being unnecessarily rude and deleting their message.

  • mitokens

    Bump. Do want. Please implement as a role permission.

  • keithriver

    Maybe just "mark as spoiler" to wrap the whole message in spoiler tags? Pretty easy to implement and limit the abuse at the same time.

    The guys on my server are really unaware when to stop with "disturbing content". Don't want to start the deletion wars though, or enforce any rules really.

  • Shurikn

    Why is this not a thing yet.

  • Brok

    Bump. This should be a thing by now.

  • TheComposer

    I'd like to bump this as well. For servers that contain story/narration sensitive discussions, such as game development servers, it'd be nice to be able to (as a moderator) to be able to select partial contents of a message to retroactively enforce spoiler tags, or for full messages.

  • Chet


    Yo I'll implement this as my first task if Discord makes me an intern. 😘

  • NPittinger

    Bump. Would love to be able to mark a message with spoiler tags instead of having to delete it and asking the original poster to repost with spoiler tags. Easier for all parties involved. Agreed that audit logs should be able to hinder abuse of this feature.

  • Cathal

    I think this would be a great feature. Any moderation options between doing nothing and deleting would be much appreciated.

  • Gogeta Au

    Is this really still not a feature?