Re-opening closed DM's.


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  • Alpha

    I personally think this will work. As someone who relies on Discord from a day to day basis, I also make mistakes and I close my DMs that I require. A suggestion on how to do so would be in the 'tab' under Home with the name 'Recent'. Or possibly a Keybind to open up 'Recently Closed' DMs

  • Valor

    That could probably work and wouldn't be very intrusive, though I'd call it something other than "Recent" since I'd like the ability to re open any DM that's been closed. Something like "Closed Messages" would probably work.

  • izaya

    yes please tell me if there is an option to reopen the closed DM i accidently misclicked it and now i lost the conversaton


    forgot from which community he is from and his user had wierd name i cant find him but if i could reopen this DM it would be really helpful

  • ♡Yeppeo🦄♡

    I accidentally deleted the dm of my friend. He quit discord 2 years ago and left all servers and unfriended everyone. Our dm is the only thing left i have with him and i couldn't find it anywhere. Please make it happen that we see our past dms

  • Roudydogg1

    They could do it much like online email sites where if you delete an email you can click "undo" for a few sections to reverse it

  • Ahmed K.

    I have too old DMs that I'd like to re-open but I have no connection with their users anymore. How awesome it will be if I can re-open these DMs again. When I reconnect with some old friend, I found that all the data is still stored, so all what I ask for is a list of the closed DMs so I can re-open the required ones. Please, this feature is too important for me.

  • temmssmdisnas

    This has also been a major issue for me, especially when i no longer share any servers or friends with them.


    Archiving is important, you know!

  • Axidroxo

    Definitely agreed, especially when you send private info that might need to be recalled for some reason (only intended for one-time reading, no longer friends / became enemies with the person, etc.).

  • hacksick

    I have made a python program that can re-open closed Dm's

    (new update, 0.3 much easier to use "join server" , but this program will always stay legendary 😇 )

    this is 77 lines program.


    1.Discord data package

    2.A word or name which has been uniquely exchanged between u and your friend in ur chat.

    3.Friend finder program (FriendCord)


    1.We run the  program FriendCord:


    2. Type in friend's name/ unique word:

    # RED lined number is called "chat id" which u can use to find the message(u had with ur friend)  in ur discord package (in message, its a sub folder in discord package)


    #GREEN lined number is called "user id"  which if u put in this website  will give u discord tag of ur friend, which u can use to send them a friend request.


    ---------------------------------------------------RED and GREEN coloured ids-----------------------


    1.copy id from program discord package messages

    4.Search the copied id in search bar the id folder the "channel json" file:

    NOTICE: if u can't open the file 1.rename file to "channel.txt"

    7.we have TWO ids here


    first id (182078212099014656) in recipients is my friend's id. OH YEAH !!!

    8.copy the id, paste it in here  and check  :-

    9. YOU HAVE IT ur friend's discord tag  

    copy the tag and send friend request:- pending list

    ....right click and message ur friend  (THIS WILL OPEN UR DM'S)   (works on deleted users too)


    GREEN ID:-

    1. you can directly use the the green id in DISCORD LOOKUP website to find your friend.


    My discord TAG:- hacksick#2215   (u can contact me for any help)

    I was trying to make a website for this thing but i dont have funding so i can't do it, maybe someday in future i will ❤😁😀

  • trackboy

    I was clicking on dm to reply to it and pointer was over the x and I could not see the x as was not looking directly at it. and it closed with no warning asking you if you want to close this dm or not. on phones you get a warning your about to close it plus it takes a couple of steps to close it. on       computer just clicking on the wrong area of the reply area        closes the dm instead of replying to it. is very bad design as there is no safety there asking you if you really want to close. no second step asking if you want to close. it closes in one step by clicking to far to the right on the reply bar. 

  • bengineer8[Ask before DMing]


  • PanzerFowst

    Aye!  I was just looking for a way to reopen my old DMs.  I am a bit of a neat freak and just close anything that I have replied to, but that doesn't help when they aren't friends or left the server etc.  I would love for just a "Closed/Archived DMs" button / feature.  I mean, if I close a DM with a friend and go back, it doesn't actually technically delete it, so I don't really see this as a large feature add.  Just an array of all DMs ever closed (preferably only the ones where there were messages sent; having all the DMs that open up after a friend accepts would kinda be annoying).

  • Joemama29

    I've also come across this problem. I'm purging my DMs, cause I don't need a long active list and accidentally delete an active chat I have with someone that I want to keep in touch with, though can't access it again because I've forgotten their username. Being able to access it again via an undo button or a "Recently Deleted" Tab would be very helpful.

  • Flying Saucer

    I accidently closed a DM with a friend who I don't share a server with anymore and I don't know her number but for some reason whenever the app on my phone loses connection it takes me to the chat for a couple seconds and I can scroll it and everything except interact and reply before it takes me to the login screen. It makes me sick knowing it's there and I can't talk to her. would be awesom if we had a folder for closed DM'S.

    I've talked to Discord multiple times and they always say do to our privicy policy blablabla I'm not asking them to do anything against it just REOPEN MY CLOSED DM SO I CAN TALK TO MY FRIEND AGAIN!!!!!!  

  • hacksick

    bro i dont really know how to get this thing for everyone, i need someones support and also some funding, i have tried many things but failed. I made the program to find some old friends ashley and styx and i did find them again i really like them alot.


  • NightMare2803

    I agree...

  • hacksick


    Edit: This version doesn't work anymore 

    @Come to our discord community, we have the new update too ;)

    Its here guys the app which will help you find your closed dm's and old friends.

    Fast and easy to use
    2.Easy to setup
    3.Works offline


    1. Download friendcord.exe


    click on download

    open it, and u will see this

    click on " More info "

    click on run anyway, and you will see this

    # u can browse and create the file in any place

    # but u have to remember where u have created the file

    close the installer when finished


    2. Now go to the place where you have installer FriendCord  


    3.Open the folder and look for "FriendCord.exe"

    That mah baby right there livin' and breathin'. 

    Now go ahead and give it a double click


    4.You are gonna see this:

    " enter your friend's name: " here you can search for literally anything you have ever typed on discord in your chats it can be:

    1.A friend's name

    2.A sentence

    3.A unique thing you would have typed in the dm you are trying to find.


    4.Enter your DISCORD PACKAGE location:



    0.Don't forget to unzip the package, my program expect your package to be unzipped.

    1.Go to your discord package:

    ( lol I put it in my music folder )

    2.Open it:

    you will see this 

    3.Now click on the file path:



    4.Put it in the cmd and enter :


    It will start to filter your dms looking for what name/sentence you have given in

    its fast so your messages will appear shortly

    ayy now don't think that i am gonna show you my messages for example, give me a break guys and girls.


    5.copy the id from the dm you desire and now you will see this:  (need internet connection for this part)

    type in " y " if you have copied your id and press enter (for more info on ids check out my earlier post about ids):

    you are probably looking at this,now go ahead and paste that id in the search box:

    HEY!!! look we found someone


    WHO IS COW, how would I know that duh_:

    but hey I found a person from my old messages in just some SECONDS, WhAt!!!!


    Atlast you will see this message:

    but this part I will leave it upto you.


    >>> I did something I am good at you do something you are good at and bring something good out in this world because we need you, we need us for our 1 common and mojor goal well being of everyone on this planet.

    also GO ELECTRIC!!!!


    also THANKX TO  zerohimself#0353 , he is a great guy, helped me alot in making this happen, a part of your donations will also go for him and help his dream business of retro gaming grow.

    BYE guys it been great....










  • hacksick

    pls help man i closed a dm, she is very old friend i can't afford to lose her


  • oddgrue

    Please do. I have been trying to report this guy and I only could uncover 1 dm.

  • Anselmo

    You guys can request a copy of your data, but it might take a few days.
    User settings -> Privacy and Safety and scroll all the way down -> Request all of my Data.
    Idk if this is going to help, but here it is.

  • Flying Saucer

    requesting a data file is usless because it doesn't show there ID's 

  • PanzerFowst

    That's honestly super awesome, @StarBucks!  Thank you so much!  Aye, I am sure if you started advertising for it, you'd get a lot of funding!  Discord community is awesome and you've just shown that!  =D

  • hacksick

    Hey guys this is my discord tag:- hacksick#2215

    I didn't really expect so much support. This great I will try to learn how to make a discord bot and lets do i say.

    And u can join my server for easy access.

    this is me:-

    I think if all of us work together on this thing then we can create something very cool and helpfull.

  • PanzerFowst

    @Anselmo, how exactly would that work?  Do they just send a dump file or something of all DM/Server history ever or?...

  • vollhard

    i am not able to find ur profile 


  • talon2

    I can't either

  • talon2

    Where is the download to that bot?

  • MilesOfJam

    I tried doing the "request data" thing, but it's useless. it only shows the dm's YOU sent, and not the entire chat. i really need the dm's between a person and i but i cannot talk to them irl, we arent friends, and we arent in a server together. discord should really add it as a feature </3

  • vollhard 

    hey star bucks i can help u make a website contact me on my discord vollhard#1765. 


  • PanzerFowst

    Starbucks created the bot, but hasn't been able to make it available for others.  And I don't think it is actually a Discord bot.  Just a program.  Hence why vollhard is trying to help set up a website so that it can be made useful for everyone.  =)