Allow selling of Tabletop RPGs


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  • Bernd

    I disagree. Discord was made by gamers for gamers, and by that, they meant Video Games. However, I still believe that you might be egilible for a partnership and maybe verification.

  • Tex

    I have that already. To me "gamers" includes more than just video games, but that's not the topic here.

  • Bernd

    Its the reason why I disargree with you

  • Asha
    1. 1.
      a person who plays video games or participates in role-playing games.
      "every gamer has suffered from small-screen videos"
    2. 2.
      (especially in sports) a person known for consistently making a strong effort.
      "he's a gamer, always ready to go that extra mile"
  • nkdotzip

    Straight from the mouth of the almighty google.

  • ExiledTroll

    i like how the definition you give for the word gamer would also apply to those who only play tabletop rpgs

  • csmithere

    I think that if you look at your user base, yes.  There are a ton of folks who are using the platform for actual computer or console oriented games. But, there is also a portion of your user base that uses this platform (and pays for it, btw) to do other than play and communicate inside or around those games.  Throwing stones at useful suggestions to paying customers is a great way to have people find another venue for communicating and stop buying your services.  Cool with me either way, but you might consider opening your mind to suggestions versus shutting them down and being (exclusionary and narrow minded) strictly based on a short sighted vision for a platform that has significant traction in multiple marketplaces that are viable and revenue generating.

  • ExiledTroll


  • feralgames

    A gamer is someone that plays games surely, no matter if they are virtual or actual. Anyway selling PDFs would be a cool idea.

  • Gunhaven

    I use Discord almost exclusively for tabletop RPGs and wouldn't object to some platform besides Drive Thru RPG for the various rulebooks.

    Plus more money for Discord.

  • Aphiliam

    Stating what Discord was originally created for means little to nothing. As with all companies, you evolve with the times or you eventually become obsolete. Discord may have originally been intended for video games but there are whole servers bought and maintained for purposes completely unrelated to video games at all.

    Selling PDFs would be a great way for Discord to make some more money, for companies to market their products in a more direct way to their fans, and for gamers (of all kinds) to have easier access to the things they want.

    I can't see a downside unless Discord is worried that supporting PDFs will take away from what they're offering in some way, and I sincerely doubt that would be the case.