We want regional nitro prices!



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  • Mufassil

    I really hope to get the currency changed to country's currency so its cheap converting $ into our own currency costs too much and not worth the price then

  • ' ☆ VefalıArıza

    artık 3 dolardan istiyoruz nitroyo şu yapılandırmayı yapın artık 

  • Mattarello.

    You are right RedS

  • DarkElement

    Yes, indeed regional pricing should be done to Turkey

  • Erensi_28


  • Two

    People would abuse this feature if added. People might simply use a vpn or something to act like they are in brazil and buy Nitro cheaper.

  • colino

    so damn the rest of the world?

    and they can prevent it, just as other huge companies do

  • ★ Ulus.exe

    When will we get a answer?

  • Flare

    (I disagree)

    Bad idea,

    I see everyone moving to the cheapest country ;)


    Everyone should pay the same price.

  • Lpchaim

    Yeah it's pretty ridiculous in Brazil and I'd imagine most third world countries. I mean, can you imagine paying like 50% more than a full, non family shared Spotify account with all that content to access basically emotes and small perks (aka nitro basic)? It was clearly designed as a complimentary sub one wouldn't even mind paying, yet here it's priced about the same as that mid tier Netflix sub. I have no doubt people would look at it differently with sane regional pricing.
    Potential abuse isn't really an argument here, if payment stuff were that easy to circumvent Steam would be dead in the water by now.

  • Daniel Welter

    Im from Brazil and with the dollar skyrocketing right now, the price of a SINGLE month is R$ 53, for comparison, the price of the game GTFO is R$ 65 right now.

  • Indrycho

    Agreed and steam pricing could be at least good reference point.

  • KeremWho

    I agree too.

  • Keyacom

    I live in Poland, and I also hate fees banks issue for paying with a different currency than specified on the credit/debit card. Due to how the conversions work, Nitro would be cheaper in the USA than in Poland. Most companies issue prices that are to the closest multiple of 5 zloty (still considering the psychological trick of removing 1/100 of the unit). So, the prices would be:
    Nitro (monthly): 39.99 złoty
    Nitro (yearly): 399.99 złoty
    Nitro Classic (monthly): 19.99 złoty
    Nitro Classic (yearly): 199.99 złoty

    Sorry, but I couldn't calculate the difference between prices: ones in USD converted to PLN (including taxes) and my proposed PLN prices.

  • Lexizz

    Pleeeaase, Discord! The dollar is very high in Brazil and I wanna be able to buy nitro again :(
    For comparison, $ 10 equals R$ 55 (nitro price) and FALL GUYS COLLECTOR'S EDITION on Steam is R$ 57 ($ 30 in the US)!

  • Cain

    The ruble is getting cheaper and the dollar is getting more expensive. Without regional prices, only a small number of people will buy Discord Nitro in the Russian Federation.

  • Flare

    Why Discord should say f to users who living in Countries with good econemy?

    If other Countries doing smth. to damage their econemy system then they should live with it.

    Discord will make loss with regional prices like every other developer, and it makes bookkeeping harder.

    A VPN will allow everyone to switch the Country to get the cheapest price.
    (Like YouTube, Steam, XSolla, Google Play, Netflix)

  • Lpchaim

    Breaking the ToS to game the system doesn't sound too wise, I have a feeling people in countries with decent economies wouldn't exactly be jumping at the opportunity to save a few bucks.

    Besides, equality means having everyone on equal footing relative to their conditions, not some arbitrary cuttoff point that only really fits a small percentage.

  • aoozer

    this thread ave has been going for years now, and Discord still did nothing about the problem, such disappointment because I'm a big fan of Discord and I really would support them monthly if their prices were reasonable for where I live.

    I saw some people not agreeing with the idea and its understandable because if you live in a well-paying country and the currency is stable you'll never know how it feels like to live in a country that doesn't pay well.

    Spotify is doing it and many other companies are too, if they can do it Discord can too

  • Equo

    This problem is made even worse by the fact that Discord will kill off all global emotes starting this November. Having to pay $50 a year, which is essentially worth over $100 in Russia because of completely screwed up exchange rates, just to be expressive at all in DMs is absurd. To be clear, I'm not really that mad about global emotes going away, I'm just angry that because of Nitro being more expensive than it actually is, there won't be a viable alternative for me anymore - default emojis are awful.

  • AurS

    1 dollar is 8.5 try and monthly salary is 2400 while hunger limit is 7200 try. It is impossible to support discord for a non-rich family living in Turkey. 

  • Flare

    We dont need regional pricing.

    It makes bookkeeping even harder to accept different amounts for each country.

    Everyone needs to pay the same price or change it for everyone.


    A good example is steam, they are in the process of removing regional pricing due to country switchers and big loss for the developers.

  • thundercookie

    I agree, regional pricings should be considered just because this is not economical for a country like India. It's just a bit too expensive right now which is silly for simple chat perks like animated emojis and stuff. I'm pretty sure discord users in India would love to see regional pricing and many of them would purchase it no doubt.

  • Two

    I'm pretty sure Discord is removing Nitro Classic.

    A better solution to this is make Nitro cheaper, or else people might just turn on their vpn and pay nitro for the cheapest price possibly.

  • Laranthir

    This post is a year old but it's still relevant. I hope to hear official replies to this thread, as I already have multiple subscriptions Discord is still equal to all of them combined (youtube, spotify, netflix, amazon prime etc.) Please pay more attention to the topic or atleast give us some insight on company's opinion on the matter.

  • pawangupta


  • MrMaoMao

    Imagine, really the best solution is remove nitro classic and make nitro cheaper like 5$/monthly and 50$/year and everyone will be happy or regional pricing.

  • Mahoney

    I am not a nitro classic user, but would instantly get one if it cost $2.50/mo

    Waiting for regional pricing from Ukraine...

  • Vulcanian

    Yep 10 USD is ridiculously expensive for developing countries.

  • Zer

    Yeah, I wish there was regional pricing as well, Here in brazil the minimum wage is BRL 1,100 and the anual (USD 99,99 one) is BRL 546,97 half of a minimun wage, I wish i could support discord but with this price... I just can't.